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::Mandy:: (_me0w_) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 15:57:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:"Just Missed The Train" Kelly Clarkson

    Hey Hey sry i havnt updated 4eva!!!!!1 lol neway not much has bin up wit me my boyfriend broke up wit me ova a week ago i was pretty upset n i still am but ima b ight i onli have 8 dayz of school left which im soo excited about!!! Summa is guna b great n it'll b a good time 2 get ova my boyfriend cuz i wont really c him mayb jus talk 2 him online. neway casey is comin bac n Ang is soooo excited i think we're all guna hang out so that'll b fun. Well 2day is friday n me n ang r goin to the st phillipz fair thing n we're goin again 2morrow too most likley lotz more peepz r goin tomorrow but we'll still have fun 2nite. Schoolz gettin pretty borin i have a final in math on wed n thur but we have time in class 2 study 4 it so thatz good we only had 1 otha final n it was in ss i think i gotta b i hope i get an a or b on my math one. The teacher sayz we'll have one in every class next year so hez helpin 2 prepair us. newayz nuttin much else is goin on i jus got dun vacumin my whole house lol n i decided to get online n update this. well ima go i'll tell ya bout the fair eitha wen i get home or 2morrow!! post me sum luv!!! i'll post ya'll lata!! ~!MaNdY!~

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