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_lostxsanctuary (_lostxsanctuary) wrote,
@ 2003-07-16 00:30:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Damien Rice <3

    theres no use deceiving...neither of us wanna be alone.
    i havent updated in a long ass time...since i wont be here i need to make this long for roberto :)

    last saturday - hung out with rob at his god i actually like patchogue..we watched a movie..walked around...went to ralphs - got some ices and listened to ::wish you were here - pink floyd :: which rob requested the little band thing that was playing there to play. awee :) pizza...then went to watch the firework show at the fields..they were awesome...i had soo much fun hanging out with him :)

    this week - hung out with brian or rob every other day..hmm it was fun.

    s0o this is the highlight of my week...tomorrow im going to go see Damien Rice with brian in Manhattan!! woo s0o excited!! :) soo we're gunna take the 1:11 train into pen station..then take the subway to fulton downtown then walk to the piers..after the show my sister is gunna pick us up...chill in the city for a while and then sleep over at her day - go to jones beach and tann..hell yeah.

    this summer is going pretty well..i dunno what the future brings for me and my "guy situation" but whatever happens..its for the best. & i was thinking..i shouldnt be worrying about things like this just 16 and i should be enjoying my life and having fun..not worrying about who i wanna spend the rest of my life with..get what im trying to say? ill find the perfect guy for me one day..if i havent already found him..we'll see :|

    noo rob is going away for 4 daysss :( not fair.
    -as of rite now..rob is playing songs on his guitar for me..phish, foo fighters, pink floyd, damien rice, weezer, bush, jimi hendrix, incubus = amazing. :|

    --rob must be the biggest cornball i have ever met..god the things he says sometimes.. ha :| im just kidding rob..u know i <3 you.

    s0o im off to pack...goodnight :)

    * ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
    awesome song=awesome lyrics

    This one's for you
    This one's for me
    This one's for you
    Tell me what the fuck must I be for you
    Tell me what must I be for you?
    I've got a nervous feeling over you
    I've got someone to love me, oh so true
    I've got someone who loves me, oh so true

    But I need to feel hope, I need to feel young again
    And I need to be bold, start using my tongue again
    They can laugh as I cry, they can cut 'til I bleed
    I ain't losing, 'cause this one's for me

    -Damien Rice, tongue

    but forgive me love..i cant turn and walk away - this way..

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2003-07-17 12:35 (link)
i love you

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