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Leah (_intuition_) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 22:05:00
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    The Saddest Song I'll ever sing.
    Wow. My sister's friend's brother died on July 12th. He was only 13, I believe he was a grade younger than me. He had brain cancer. I find it so sad. He was just too young to die. And the fact that he just lived like a normal kid. Oh my god, he just amazes me. There's a big article on him in News of Delaware County in the Life section. Bryan Pendergast. I'm in awe of his strength and courage. Really, I am.

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2003-08-01 22:57 (link)
Yeah, tragic it is. I like cried when I found out..... :( He had been gone since Spring Break. I knew him... he went to Garrettford, if you didn't know.. :( RIP, Bry..


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2003-08-02 00:09 (link)
Yah I actually did know. I think he went to my church, or went to Boy Scouts at my church, or both, but I met him, I just didn't know him. I wish I had met him tho. Inspiring he would have been. :-[

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2003-08-02 13:55 (link)
Wow. I had no idea that happened to him while he was in school. As if the story weren't sad enough..

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