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Erin Marie (_imperfect) wrote,
@ 2003-04-17 22:02:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:relient k::in love with the 80s

    haha, you'll understand the title when you read...

    Good Charlotte Interview
    June 29th, 2001
    Warped Tour '01 - Los Angeles, CA
    Interviewers: Kim, Catherine and Christine Smith

    Mainstream: If you could sum up life into a Bumper Sticker, What would it say?

    Benji: Life is Benji, The rest is just details ….Benji is Life!

    (ALL) Laughing….

    Paul: Oops I did it again!

    Benji: I have what you want.

    Joel: (To Benji) You Wish!

    Billy: Princess!

    Joel: I'm Lost.

    Mainstream: Do you like to play pranks on each other?

    (Paul takes Interview Questions Paper)
    Paul: Do you like to play pranks on each other? What's the worst, or funniest prank you have pulled on one another?

    Benji: We stole all of Paul's clothes and made him play naked. …One time we cut Billy's arm off.

    Mainstream: Oh and it grew back?

    Billy: No its fake. ….Pranks? Do we really play pranks on each other? We don't really play pranks on each other.

    Benji: One time they shot me!

    Billy: You know the normal put their hand in hot water while they are sleeping so you wake up you have pee all over yourself.

    Benji: One time we dropped a boulder on Billy's head.

    Paul: I dropped an anvil on Benji.

    Joel: I killed Paul's whole family.

    Benji: I put rat poison in Billy's food one time.

    Billy: I murdered Paul's entire family.

    Paul: I'm still getting over it, but you know its all right, he's a nice guy. It was funny though.

    Benji: One time I ripped all of Billy's toenails off.

    Billy: And he ate them!

    Paul: OK Next question….

    Benji: One time I ripped Joel's nipples off! …One time I pierced Paul's butt cheeks together. (ALL) Laughing……

    Mainstream: Would you ever consider turning in your instruments to learn choreography and become a Boy Band?

    Benji: Umm….After you shot me in the head.

    Paul: No, she said would you ever consider actually becoming a boy band?

    Joel: But we are a boy band.

    Mainstream: No, like the Backstreet Boys.

    Benji: Have we ever murdered a boy band? YES! There was a band called P-Town, and we shot them!

    Mainstream: Would you ever switch your instruments to become one of them like N'Sync, Would you ever want to be one of them?

    Benji: NO!

    Mainstream: For better ratings…Just in theory…..

    Benji: Would you want us to?

    (ALL) No!

    Benji: I would rather, take dry wall screws and nail them into my toes.

    Joel: I would rather kill Paul's entire family.

    Mainstream: I thought Paul's family was dead already.

    (GC) Oh Yeah!!

    Mainstream: If you could be any Barbie doll, (Malibu, Disco, Evening, etc.) and Which one would you be and WHY?

    Benji: Malibu Stacey! Malibu Stacey! I would be Malibu Stacey.

    Joel: Bloody Barbie.

    Benji: She has a cool car.

    Mainstream: Stacey isn't Barbie.

    Billy: I would be Ken so I could be getting up on Barbie all day!

    Benji: I would the Barbie with the inter-changeable boobs.

    Mainstream: They make those?

    Joel: LA Barbie!

    Paul: I would be a GI Joe Barbie

    Billy: Crimp and Curl Barbie. That ones awesome. The one where you cut the hair and pump and more hair comes out. ….All right give us another good one.

    Mainstream: Do you guys have any hidden talents? What impersonations can you do?

    Billy: I can juggle.

    Benji: I can disappear!

    Mainstream: Oh Really?

    Benji: Yeah! Watch! (Gets out of his seat to leave)

    Billy: I can bend the top knuckles on all my fingers (he's double jointed).

    Paul: I can do this! (Makes 3 little creases in his tongue) YEAH!!

    Mainstream: Joel, do you have any special talents?

    Joel: (Shakes his head) No, I'm just in the band

    Benji: Yeah, he's just in the band

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