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Trashley (_idreamincolor_) wrote,
@ 2004-05-23 01:49:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:neil young

    deeeep thoughts by jack handy
    Oh man, sitting in a movie theatre for five hours is not so great for the back. I dont think ive ever sat through 2 movies before in a theatre, in fact no i havent. Ive never bought tickets to a movie and then snuck into another one afterwards, isnt that weird. I couldve saved so much money when i was younger! im such a dumby...we were talking about, remember back in the days when going out to the movies was the shit. hell yeah. Now its like what we do when we're desperately bored or partied out, which i definetly was after this weekend. Oh and might i add that shrek 2 was fucking hilarious..its a thong!!!!!!!! aaahahaha oh geez im still cracking up coo coo ca choo. And i saw troy again, yes thats right..again. I dunno, usually i dont like fighting movies but i think perhaps im drawn to these epic type films...cause i looove lord of the rings too and theyre somewhat similar. Brad pitt can i get some looove yeeeah <3

    So sungod yesterday was a blast. I started drinking later which i think was a good idea, cause theres no way i couldve handled all day drunkenness. i had to sit at the campus greens booth for a few hours, it turned out to be way funner than i expected and our game turned out pretty good. Oh and they had a slip and slide! blast though, it was cold so i missed my opportunity :( Yeah and the concert of course was fun, how funny was that shit when the crowd didnt know the words to busta. Oh lord, i was dying...poor guy. He was saying all kinds of crazy shit but i dunno, no one really cared about it anyways. Then i was using aders id cause mine got taken away at pikes of the caribbean, and this bitchy lady made me go to security and blah blah blah and then they took her id away too. Luckily i found another one but geez, it was such a hassle. Then the crowd was all pushing so one didnt really have room to dance, so we moved to the side and had our own dance action yeeeah.

    Yeah pikes was not so great, but we wont talk about that...thats seriously the last frat party i go too methinks. Its about that not to break forth the rythym and the rhyme (but i still got love marky mark) only 2 more weeks of school left, then one week of finals and we're done...finallly! this quarter has gone by so fast, and yet has been agonizing at the same time. I just started on my first paper today so thats good, hopefully ill be able to finish it by tomorrow and then i can start on my mmw paper. Oh well, thats too far in advance to think about...its all in the hands of the gods now...okay sorry little troy flashback.

    Speaking of which, theres this part where achilles is like, the gods envy us because we're mortal and that means everyone moment is much more beautiful because it could always be your last. Such a good point. nite nite.

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