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Scheidter (_i_am_shidder_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 19:18:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Closing Time: Match Box 20

    I cant say it enough, there is NOTHING greater than summer. i love it, i havent been in a bad mood for more than 10 mintues since Thursday at 2:15 when i finished the Regent.

    so this morning i got up at 8ish maybe a little later. idk, but i got up and read my book for a bit. its getting better i guess, but it still doesnt tickle my fance, lol thats a funny cliche. thomas was spose to call me at 11, but he didnt call to 11:30 cuz he wasnt awake {gr} lol, its all good though, unlike most girls who wait by the phone i was entertaining myself. and no i wasnt masterbating. ANYWAY! he was spose to call again when he got home from RL cuz he had to get work papers and it took him fucking forever and i started getting really pissed off cuz it was just too long and i was getting bored which means i was getting bitchy then he showed up at my house so that made up for everything. So we went to Numba One Chinese for lunch but i didnt eat cuz when i was home being angry i ate a pint of Ben and Jerrys. lol. Then we rode down to his house and chilled there. My hair is obnoxiously red. esepcially in the sun, o well its just hair. Peach Propel is amazing. I love thomas so much, its crazy i just...there are no words to describe how happy i am when im around him.

    so around 5:30 i went back home and i saw Brenna and Josh { ;) } at Hanks which is kindda ironic cuz i was gonna get to her house anyway just to say hi, cuz its on the way home from Thomas'. O another Ironic thing that happened was when i got home my parents had ordered Chinese from Numba One, so i got chinese after all. And i got my iced coffee from Zamar's :-D today was so great.

    im out

    love always, teff

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2003-06-24 19:37 (link)
You know what's weird...? I've been listening to MatchBox20 all week and it so happens the song I was listening to while I started reading your diary was Closing Day... weird... and yes, SUMMER KICKS MAJOR ASS!


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