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Scheidter (_i_am_shidder_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 02:25:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    O man! its the last day of school. This year went by friggin fast. I would do a long entry and prolly label is something sappy like "reflection" but ill spare u. All i have to say about this year, was there was alot of change, and things happen that i never even considered, but im happy w/ the way things are and i basically love my life.

    So im in keyboarding at the moment, and i have nothing left to do in here. I have science {review} and Math final today. then katie and julie are coming over to study for SS and tomorrow after the final im hoping that a bunch of ppl are gonna meet at Bill Grays after the final. I miss Thomas. Alot, i havent seen him in over a week, and im dying here, i love him so much. Yesterday, FAther's Day was quite interesting. My sister ruined it as usual, literally, my parents told her that she ruined it. so my parents n I went to Zamar's while Laura stayed home. I really hate her at times, she just thinks shes so great.

    well me and Erin Lill are gonna go have a Collapse Tournament...this could get ugly. lol, im out

    love, Tef

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