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Scheidter (_i_am_shidder_) wrote,
@ 2003-05-02 19:17:00
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    Current mood: bored

    Really kindda bored
    I'm in Keyboarding at the moment. this is boring. I just finished my last Multi Media. those things are SO incredibly annoying. This class is funny. It's Erin Lill's Birthday today! AND KATIE LILL'S! wow...they're twins. anywho, yesterday was ok i guess. i marched the parade and it was perfect spinning weather...i think i may have already written about this. well anyway, when i got home i slept until 4:30 then went to my Uncle and Aunt's for a BBQ. it was suprisingly really fun. Heather has this book called "If" and its a book of random was really funny. there were questions like "if u could have a threesome w/ any two celeberties, who would you pick" ok...thats kindda wrong considering its my family, but hey, we're fucked up. Then we watched "two weeks notice" i didnt like i so i went on the computer. at 9 my Dad said we were leaving, so i told Thomas id call him when i got home, and he said hed be sleeping and i got all pissy cuz its THAT TIME AGAIN, and then my dad's like "o we're not leaving for another 45 min." so then i got back online, but Thomas was already off, and by the time i got home it was already 10:15, and i thought id be too late to call, so now he's prolly pissed at me, and thinks i delibertly didnt call. When i got home i was overly emotional and was crying for no reason, or several reasons and i just couldnt pick one.

    anyway, i JUST found out that i have a concert tonight for the awards ceremony...yet im not getting an award. not cool. i REALLY dont wanna go, i was looking forward to just not doing anything tonight. anywho, i have to babysit Leela after school but im gonna call in sick, cuz i have a sore throat like major hurts to breathe...and i wouldnt wanna get the lil angel sick.......

    i have yet another concert tomorrow night for concert band. man we suck its so embarresing. and i have guard tomorrow...i dont know how im gonna work that out. o well, ill worry bout it later.

    im out

    love, stephanie

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