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Scheidter (_i_am_shidder_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 09:08:00
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    Current mood: mellow

    O bother
    man o baby this week is so friggin busy. The only reason i have time to type write now is cuz im in Keyboarding and i just finished Part One of the final. lol, it makes me laugh. Well last night we had our jazz concert, and surprisingly my solo...didnt suck too bad. i was in shock. I had a pleasant talk w/ Sara, shes one cool chick i must say. after my grandparents and my parents and I went to Zamars, and i kindda got in a fight w/ my parents cuz they're immature, cruel, ppl who dont give a shit about anyones feeling. but i dont want to get into that. Lets see....then i talked on the telefono w/ Thomas for awhile and studied for my band final. giggle.

    today i was suppose to babysit Leela, but i have an ortho appointment. Then tomorrow i have another ortho appointment...idk how that happened. and my Nana is taking me our for dinner tomorrow night. Thursday im staying after for Graduation Band, then babysitting Christine and Mike till 7:30, then going to Target w/my mum to get a grad. present for Laura and a Fathers day present for Daddy. Friday i have 4 hours of guard, saturday i was 8 hours of guard, and babysitting christine and mike. not even mentioning all finals this, im busy. >:0 any who, christine quatela called yesterday and im babysitting quite a few times over the summer. I dont wanna babysit Leela anymore, cuz i dont get paid very good at all, and shes basically a brat. Idk, how im gonna get out of that one.

    moving on: this morning Chelsea picked me and Laura up for school early and we went to RL to drop of book for the Childrens Book Drive. I hung out w/ windy for all of 3 mintues, and Dani was EXTATIC that i was there. everyone was asking if i was, i wish. Then as i was leaving, Thomas was coming into school, and my sister was literally pulling me out of the school, so i got to say "hi, i gotta go to school" yea...that didnt make me happy, cuz i miss him and i HATE laura. GR! i wrote "i love you" on his locker, really small, i wonder if he noticed.

    the bells about to ring.

    im out

    love always, Tef

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