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Scheidter (_i_am_shidder_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-05 18:02:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Imagine: John Lennon

    when am i gonna use spanish?
    Hey there!

    Today was quite boring i must say, for the most part at least.

    First block i had english and i got a 95 on my test and 100 on my critical lens essay :-D !!!!! the during SH me and linz went to lunch, and just chilled as usual. Jazz band sucked as usual, but we only have one more rehersal. Then i went to lunch...again. yea then fourth block i fricken rocked at Softball in gym, lol. But me and pat left school grounds and walked to his house, and the teacher yelled at him and not me, which i found kindda funny, but we were only gone for like 5 mintues. 5th block SUCKED! i had my Spanish Oral, and i only answered 3 out of 5 questions. i had NO idea what she was asking me, it was so bad. then i had to take a quiz on pastence that i completly guessed on, w/ everything. i HATE spanish, and my teacher is SOOOO boring. 3 more classes.

    when i got home, i did basically nothing. i got in a really big fight w/ my sister, dad and mom cuz Laura's the fav. and no one in my family likes me. they call me the outkast. My dads like "you're just jelous of your sister" thanks.... it wasnt fun. but im over it, i just dont care about it anymore, i know im different then my family, i always have been, and im actually finally learning to accept the fact that im...not them.

    anywho, yesterday was fun. i went to katies w/ julie after school. we went on an adventure and broke a few shingles...i wont get into that. but i was just jokin around and asked them to cut my hair and one thing led to another and now i have hair to my shoulders instead of my mid-back :) lol, i dont mind though, its just hair. i love long hair but it'll grow back.

    i have my band playing test tomorrow...i suck at scales. me see how that goes.

    im out
    love, teff

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