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Blondie* (_hurley_gurley_) wrote,
@ 2004-10-06 22:34:00
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    Current mood: full
    Current music:welcome to my life - simple plan

    well tm is grad.. not for me and i am extremely pissed about this one dumb credit i need to walk across that stage with all my friends.. its not a big deal tho. The afterparty is gunna be so much fun i cant wait, just because im not graduating doesnt mean i am not gunna party like i am! *woohooo*

    i went to the mall td and dropped a ridiculous amount of money on brennens shoes for his bday. 80 bucks..the kid is turning 2 lol .. its ok tho cause i love him and hes gotta grow up in style! i went to daves tn after the mall. it seems if i dont see him everyday something is wrong and i love how i can just drive over whenever i want to see him cause it makes my day much brighter just to see him for a short while!.. we bought a hampster and it hates us :( she buries herself in her shavings and doenst let us touch her..

    well i should be off to bed i just ate a bag of cheesy dill popcorn and i feel like throwing up.

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2004-10-07 17:01 (link)
I FOUND YOU!!!!!! :D

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2004-10-09 04:23 (link)
who are u tho?

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