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Blondie* (_hurley_gurley_) wrote,
@ 2004-10-21 22:39:00
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    Current mood: silly
    Current music:Vanessa Carlton - white houses

    well halloween is so close now and i am so excited :) i am like a little kid or something.. i havent been this excited for halloween in a long time, there is just so much stuff coming up to look forward to! this saturday me sara and linnea are goin toronto to visit steph at ryerson and then we are goin shopping in toronto:D. i hope it doesnt rain like it has been i will be so pissed! .. then the next weekend which is hallloween we have laceys party on friday then me annie and sara have another party to go to again!!! cant wait. andrew and chris are gunna be there which that will be a bit wierd but i will try so hard to look hot to show chris what he missed.. lol i have dave so i shouldnt care but i do .. :S..

    oh. i am being elle woods for halloween and my costume is perfect i am in love with it.. i just randomly went in to value village and found the perfect outfit and i am so happy about that. tonite me and sara went to her grammas and we hemmed my skirt up really short so i dont look like a loser with a super long skirt! haha.

    i have been really mean to dave these last few days andi dont really know why. i think i am just pms ing cause he has done NOTHING wrong and i just keep being so mean to him. i told him he has to be mean bak to me so i dont just walk all over him like i do now cause he is just wayyyy to nice to me! which that is a good thing but he needs to let me know when i am being a bitch! well i am goin to pick him up from philty mcnastys now. im so nice :)..


    [ash comment on any blurty u feel like:) i get excited to see new comments and i know you read them:P haha]

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