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Blondie* (_hurley_gurley_) wrote,
@ 2004-10-16 04:26:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:sunday drive - the early november

    3 months(L)
    today is mine and daves 3 months..its really 4 cause we were tg for a month before that but still it seems like it has been FOREVER i cant imagine not being with him.. how was my life before..? all i know is that with him in it he makes me a lot happier! i went to his house and he had a bear there for me its so cute its pink and soo soft and fluffy and he sprayed it with his cologne haha ! but i love it and it smells like him it will make me fall asleep at night:)

    tomorow is brennens 2nd birthday. i cant wait, this is like the first real time dave is going to be with my family! ive already let him know how disfunctional it is so he knows what is in store for him.

    i cant wait till halloween this year!! i have 2 parties to go to and about 10 costumes i wanna be i just cant decide on which one i want to be! i still have lots of time tho. im off to bed i need rest.


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