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Conundrum X (_honestly) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 19:37:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Modest Mouse - Third Planet

    To You
    Now I'm coming home on the late late train
    Without a hope to see your face.
    Just because you said 'I miss you'
    Didn't mean you wouldn't let me down.
    As much as you say 'I care' I know I care more
    Because I won't tell you about all the times
    You didn't know you hurt me.
    [I'm really too good at keeping these things inside.]
    The one time I do you wrong, you don't hesitate:
    Shoving your wounds in my face;
    Don't you knwo that it hurts me to see you hurt
    More than you were hurt in the first place?
    And baby, it hurts to know that when I'm missing you,
    You choose to ditch me for a drink
    At a party with people that I don't know
    With someone that you won't know you know
    When he is on top of you and you can't see his face.
    They say that it's the time when you're drunk
    When you can't control your actions,
    But sober you cannot stay in control,
    You're too afraid to say no,
    So what should I expect from you tonight?
    Well, I don't care if he's your exboyfriend,
    About your 'history' together
    Or how he put the moves on you
    'Cause you're with me now
    And you didn't even try to stop him.
    Is an apology how you prove your 'love' to me?
    That doesn't say much of anything.
    I'm letting you know right now:
    If there's another apology to be made after tonight,
    You know I love you, but we're through.
    Yeah, I love you but I wouldn't be untrue.
    The truth is I could never be untrue
    To you.

    [Style = shit, but when does it not in my poetry, hah.]

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