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harry (_hdxs) wrote,
@ 2004-04-27 16:24:00
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    Current mood: complacent
    Current music:leaving-tsl

    new journal? word.
    ok, so like my other journal got deleted anddddddd its been awhile since its been back up, and i assume sooner or later it will pop up somewhere, so for now, just change the username on ur friends list if i'm on it. which i hope i am, at least.

    word, so yesterday was my birthday, and it was just oh so awesome. the big 15. yea, i hear it kinda all goes downhill from here. but i thought it was pretty cool. i went to school all preppy. annnnd it was really weird, but i kinda liked it. i even popped the collar. it was amusing. haha, plus the shirt was insanely tight, and yea. it was just crazy like yeah, lauren bought me some stuff at abercrombie for my birthday, and it was kinda weird cuz it was abercrombie, but i liked it anyway, but i still felt bad becuz lauren spent like a bunch of money, even tho it wasnt all on me, but it was on her moms credit card so it kinda sucked. but i dont think she got in much trouble for it, so worries. i got a couple posters from ginger, the wonderful aunt of mine whom i love and adore, and my parents got me some clothes, my dad got me the darkness cd, annnnd then i got like 50 bucks from the rest of my relatives. oh yeah, i got a pair of sandals also, which are awesome cuz i needed sandals really fuckin badly. and i really like them anyway... so all in all, it was a pretty awesome birthday.

    hm, what else. oh yeah, swimming started yesterday. and it was pretty awesome. cassie came, even tho shes like sure if shes gonna join our team or something. anyway, it was pretty cool cuz i wasnt as out of shape as i expected to be, and i managed to do a 56 in a 100 off a push, even tho it was the wrong thing to do.....then we did a 4 500s which was actually really surprising cuz it was our first day back, and it was actually. . . . like pretty hard. but i had a lotta fun doing the 500's, even tho im not entirely sure y, i just thought they were so awesome and i coulda done them forever. i actually, had like enough energy to do them all, and even tho ill probly die today now, i was really frickin' excited for swimming because i missed it a lot. i kno i didnt do shit while i didnt have it to stay in shape, but i figured out i had a life outside of swimming. but swimming is still awesome, and i hafta get my sectional cut this year. so practice is gonna rock again today, and im gonna get back into perfect shape sooooo i can go a 201 in my 200 free. word. long course is gonna rock my world. at least it better. i can't wait till we get to go outdoors. its so awesome.

    swimming was also really cool cuz i saw every1. SHOUT OUT TO COUGARS!!!! hahaha. word.

    what else has been going on lately with me. . . . hmm, i dunno, a lot of personality turmoil i suppose. My group of friends has really been redefined in the past two weeks, but its awesome cuz no1s really left, but its expanded a lot and its awesome going out every weekend and having plans in advance. on the other hand, i kinda wanna change, myself...i dunno, there are people i aspire to be like, and its just....weird, cuz im usually really content with being me. but sometimes i feel like im such a hard-ass with the being one way and not selling out, but ive kinda come to conclusion that maybe, the change that i kinda am going through isnt so bad, and that maybe changing my personality or how i act isnt really all that bad, if its what i want. and if u think im weird, wellllll fuck you. im usually pretty understanding, so i doubt id treat u like that, unless i hate u and want u to die, like sarah gargiulo. hahaha.

    annnnd morgan priors still hot. for sure.

    btw. i passed all my classes in the 3rd marking period. lowest grade=glasser=80=no surprise, cuuuz i got a 41 on the good earth test. WHOOP WHOOP. alright, later skaters.


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