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State Of Grace (_fuckedupkid) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 12:23:00
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    Current mood: nauseated
    Current music:Love song_ 311

    Okay so it's like 12:25 right now. I didn't go to school today because last night I got sick because my sisters disgusting conditioner shit made me sick to my stomach & I was up all night throwing up, it sucked. I don't know why it made me sick, I didn't even use it but I could smell it while my sister was in the shower, some strawberries & cream stuff. God, it was bad. I just watched this movie, called Thirteen. It was a really good movie. It was about this girl & how she changed and stuff. She got into drugs & drinking and she cut herself. It was really intense I liked it. I think ya'll should see it. Melissa made me watch this movie called Clockwork Orange, it was totally fucked up. It was about this gang and they killed people & raped woman and shit, I don't even wanna talk about it. It was gross. I liked the book better. Ha I made $725 this week =D. That's awesome, I gotta get a new cell phone my other one is really.. stupid. Yesterday I spent the day with some kids from a shelter & I played basketball with a lot ofthem and we all ate dinner & they got gifts and everything. I took home this baby bottle and I'm supposed to fill it with money and such for the Help Harvest House here. It's a place where mothers go when they can't pay for their baby's needs. It's called Bottles For Babies. It's really cool, it's a great feeling knowing that you ca help change and help someone's life. I had a great day yesterday with all the kids and I can't wait to go back to see them. Last night this damn girl would not leave me the hell alone god I was so pissed off so I left =D . Ah! I want runts. I'm going to the store right now, I'll be back! I love the pink runts, the hearts. They're great. It's actually nice out today, it was freezing and snowing yesterday & Saturday, and now it's like it was on Friday, warm and sunny. Well, my aunt gets to finally adopt the kids she's had living there for foster care today she's really excited. They're great kids but it really bothers me when I'm around them because I think about all the bad things they have been through. Like this girl, her name is Gabby & she's seven and she's been raped three times, thrown out of her house and she lived on the streets and almost died. Then her brother who is 11 got beat and locked in a closet everyday & he is suicidal..he's only 11. And then there's Courtney whose a year and 8 months. Her parents left her at a park. I mean, seriously that is just messed up. But I'm glad they're going to be a part of the family now, hopefully they know they are loved here. Anyway, I have to go jogging in a little while even though I'm sick =[ and I have to work out, damned lacrosse. Okay! so the earth day show is coming up at school. Every year on earth day our school has this huge show they do, of just bands & singers from our school and such. We get locked in the entire school day and we don't do anything, We're all supposed to be in the old gym (we have five gyms) and watch the bands to see who wins but they have other stuff going on throughout the building. It's a lot of fun and everyone gets into it and all the money goes to helping nature & all that stuff. My friend Dave, his band asked me to play drums for them so I'm going to do that. Melissa's band (great chick band by the way) are playing too so that's exciting. All of my friends are in bands, I swear. It's nuts. Anyway I'm just typing about nothing important but I'm bored & I have nothing to do so I guess I'll just..stop now =D. Bye everybody.

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