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State Of Grace (_fuckedupkid) wrote,
@ 2004-02-17 22:59:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:ender_finch

    Hm, since I'm bored & have nothing better to do I figured I would tell you all about my wonderful day. Okay, so I got up around 5:30 this morning & I took a shower. After I got ready I let my dog outside and ate an apple, let my dog in and left for school around 6:45. I had to be in school early because there was a senior class meeting on the library and because I'm senior class vice president for student council I had to be there. I sat with the rest of student council and talked with my friend Sam about her boyfriend & her ring she got from him. At seven the meeting started and I had to discuss the problems we've been facing & prom and also our senior class trip. After the meeting I walked up to my locker on the second floor and I found my friends waiting for me there at my locker. One of my best friends, Steph was there. She has been gone from school for about two months because she broke her back, I was really glad to see her She jumped on me and gave me a huge hug. We've known eachother since my mother & her father dated. After the five minute bell rang I walked upstairs with Jay to economics where I just sat and not paid attention to anything he had to say. Then the bell rang and I took my time to walk down to the science wing & go to AP biology. It turned out I had a quiz but I didn't really care because I knew mostly everything on it. My teacher started talking about death & suicide and ways to help people, so I shook my head & put my head on the desk until my teacher walked over & said "Robert I suggest you pay attention to what I am saying" My teacher was related to Tim - and he blames me, amongst many other countless people. So I sat and pretended to listen. I left really quickly when the bell rang and went straight to band where I was forced to play mallet crap, which SUCKED beyond belief. Then Mr. Sharlin stopped to bitch at all of us for skipping. So I sat and thought: I have to deal with this seven period too (symphonic winds). Before I knew it the bell rang so I walked up to my locker dropped off my books and grabbed my notebook so I could draw or write for the next three periods. Luckily I remembered today was a day six so I had only two studyhalls. While I was walking to studyhall some girl stopped me in the hall and said "you look good" and she laughed & walked away. I laughed an d shook my head and walked away to studyhall. I sat and thought for a while until my hand forced me to draw something when the bell rang. I went to my next studyhall where I chose to go to the library and met up there with Melissa & talked to her about her boyfriend & how he treats her horribly and how she thinks she needs to end it. Then she looked at my schedule and saw I didn't have that many classes so I explained to her I took most of my classes in 11th grade so I wouldn't have to in my senior year. She laughed and said she was confused & I just laughed at her. Then she noticed a drawing I did of Shannon and she asked who it was so I told her. She smiled & told me she was pretty & I did good. Then the bell rang and I walked to lunch and sat with Jay, his girlfriend, Ian, Jake, Steph, Chris, Johnny & paulie. We got yelled at for throwing food but we didn't care. Then we al introduced ourselves to the new girl we had. She told us she got kicked out of her old school because she cuts herself & you could see a lot of her cuts. I frowned & thought of Tim, and then Gabby. Then jay told me to cheer up and I tried to forget about it. After lunch was the much dreaded - symphonic winds. I walked down to the music suite behind two girls that smelt of way too much perfume. I met up with steph & Mr. Sharlin asked us to file music so we jumped at the offer so we wouldn't have to listen to him. We talked about her boyfriend & she told me she loved him & I told her I was really happy for her. She gave me a huge hug & told me I had to play at her wedding because she wants me to play some drum song (lol) After the bell rang I walked to English to find we had a sub and I was glad because one more day with the crazy lesbian - I would have died. A bunch of immature guys were making fun of the teacher so at the end of the class I apologized for their stupidity. Ninth period came and I was glad until I realized after that I had to to go the doctors. I got a little upset but quickly let it go. I walked into photography late & everybody looked at me so I walked to my ex girlfriend Kristen's table & sat with her, Jay & some other people. They all laughed at what I was wearing they said I looked like a gay model! I have a pear of jeans on but they are kind of tight on me & I have a tight long sleeve hunter green & navy blue stripped sweater on & a white undershirt sticking out at the bottom. I laughed at them & my teacher called me out in the hall. So I walked out there & she asked me if I was okay & such because she said I haven't been myself which is 100% true, but I told her I was fine. After ninth period I helped Melissa pass out flyers to her bands concert & she bought me gummy bears because they are the greatest damn thing made. Then I came home around three & let my dog out again then when she came in I left again to go to the doctors. Skipping that part. Afterwards I thought and called Tim's aunt & asked her for directions to Tim's gravesite because I wasn't sure how to get there because I want to go tomorrow. Well, when I got some I got online and I went downstairs to get water & I came back and almost died when I saw who was on. It was Shannon of course and I immediately had a smile on my face. Well, after I got offline I went to my friends basketball game. It was nice. Then I came home and I guess this is where I'm at and now I'm going to go because I'm tired. Goodnight everybody.

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2004-02-18 11:29 (link)
w0w...u have a lot of periods for scho0l...i only have 7 but my second period is an hour n the one be4 lunch is 50mins =\..anyways..i hope ur doing really go0d...n im sure ur still upset bout tim i am too just remember he'z up there watching ova all of us...lata

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2004-02-18 16:39 (link)
Yeah, I have nine periods all 42 minutes long. lol, it sucks a lot but I guess I can't complain because it could be worse. It always can be worse. Yes, I am still upset & I will be for a long time and especially after I go and see his gravesite tonight. I'll try to keep that in mind. It was nice hearing from you I hope you're doing well. If you ever want to talk my screen name is these acid stars, so feel free to talk to me if you ever want to. Take care Sheena.

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2004-02-18 19:17 (link)
Dude when I was in school, I had four 1.5 hours long classes a day, on red days I had periods 1,3,5,7 and on grey days I had 2,4,6,8. Then on Mondays I went to all my classes for 45 minutes each. It was pointlessly confusing. I dropped out when I turned 18 (I'm almost 20), because I was kicked out of my house and had to get a full time job. Gay shit, I had a 3.2 GPA. But hwatver, got my GED and am so glad to be out of highschool. Only wish I had gone to one prom, and had been there my senior year. Boo ferking hoo though. I hope you aren't too upset when you visit Tim, I've only visited my brother Brian once. I have never gone to see my friend Nick. Nick was gay and though Tim was hot. He had such a big crush on Tim. good memories.


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