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State Of Grace (_fuckedupkid) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 14:40:00
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    So. Because I'm unable to send this I decided to post it.

    Gabby, So. I heard about what happened. Let me start by saying that you amongst many other people are wrong. You think that some 15 year old girl did this to you. The real person who did this was a man named Tim, you & many people know him as Mike. You knew him as Mike because he never gave you his real name. He had to protect himself, from his father, and people from his past even though most of the time, they found him. It killed him not telling you his real name. It really did. But he did it for himself. Now, what he did, to this girl Melissa. He set her up, he FRAMED her for this to get back at her for personal reasons. I didn't know he had this planned until he explained & admitted everything five days ago. It doesn't matter now, because he's gone. Dead. Tim had A LOT of problems. He told me, and other friends he had to hide himself to protect himself. I still don't know if thats true. I don't know about anything at all anymore. But I do know that his planned worked he got an innocent girl in a lot of trouble for something she had no idea was going on. I barely know her, we go to school together but we rarely talk. We've talked the last week and a half more than I've talked to anyone. My heart goes out to this girl, she has nothing now. She can't talk with her friends,go out, see her boyfriend, nothing. For atleast a month. She told me she is going crazy. I don't blame her when you practically have the entire world against you for all the wrong reasons. It's not her fault he hacked into her mothers phone system, and computer. It's not her fault he used her. It's his. You can't blame her for his mistakes. That's all I really have to say about that. She did want you to know she feels terrible and she's sorry for the whole situation. Don't take this out on the wrong person Gabby. Maybe you could take time out and read her journal, her username is __em0kid Well. If it means anything. I wish you well.


    I'm not sure if she will read that. I'm not positive anyone will.

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2004-01-04 17:10 (link)
I worst person in the world right now..I want to take it all back..and just..make it all..normal again..-smh-


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2004-01-06 19:42 (link)
hey.. um.. i`d really like to talk to you soon.. just email me when its convienent.. or something ;\ .. i`d just really like to talk to you

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