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State Of Grace (_fuckedupkid) wrote,
@ 2003-12-26 13:22:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Wearing Thin - Futherseemsforever

    Hey everybody! It's been awhile again, lol. I'm at my dads house right now. My Christmas was good, I guess. I got too see my entire family, & my niece. It was really nice. My brothers & sister came late but it was good seeing them again. Everyone was at my fathers house for dinner, and we all exchanged gifts & what not. My grandmother bought us these blankets, everyone got one. I guess they were like 50 dollars each. But they are really beautifuln and they are huge! I didn't really get much this year, which was good because I didn't want a lot. I got this new CD/Mp3 thing. It's really awesome. It's got great sound. I also got some cloths & giftcards, and shoes. Ohhh, and I got some CD's, a hat and a shirt from some friends last weekend. I'm feeling a lot better, but my back is still in pretty bad shape. I can't play my drums for a long time. :( I hate it. But I'm not worried about it now. I'm just hoping I have another good day today. I'm going out with some friends of mine later, & I'm watching my niece for a little while tonight. I'm happy, She's adorable. Her name is Elizabeth Jade, Shes a year and seven months. She's a cutie, lol. I bought my sister a dog for christmas, and I got my brother Tony stuff for hockey, Because he plays hockey for college. And my other brother, Josh. He has a baby on the way so I got him some baby cloths, and this little hat that says "I love my daddy", and a giftcard for himself. And I got his girlfriend stuff too. Overall my christmas was good. But it was hard, in some ways. Grr. Anyways, I'm going to jump in the shower.

    Happy Holidays everyone.

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2003-12-28 17:47 (link)
hey rob, welcome back....i hope ur feeling a lot better n i havnt talked to u fer a long time ur never on l0l well nice to see that ur bak bye

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