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State Of Grace (_fuckedupkid) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 23:42:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Count The Stars_ The First Time

    just an update
    I haven't updated in awhile I've been busy & everything w/ shit. my father & I got in another fight and I'm staying at my grandmothers house and she told me I could move in!!! I'm thinking about it too and I think I'm going to I talked to shannon today! =] for like six hours lol. I'm going to guitar center tomorrow & I'm going to look around at some new drumsets, even though I have two. lol. God, I did nothing today I feel lazy but I don't care I'm tired and my fingers hurt from typing!!! Oh, yeah. I'm pissed about the Dashboard Confessional tour, The closest they get is NYC. & that sucks becuz I like that band a lot, plus they are touring w/ Brand New!!!!! maybe my stepdad can get tickets, well I hope becuz that would be really awesome. I found this new band, Sparta. They rock. so I think everybody needs to check them out. anyways I'm hungry so I'm going to go eat. later everyone.

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2003-09-01 17:15 (link)
ROBERT MICHAEL! hey buddyyyyy ;] dude i called your dads like. . .. . .. i hour ago? and he FLIPPED out and hes all WHERE THE FUCK IS HERE I SWEAR WHEN I GET AHOLD OF THAT BOY IM GOING TO BEAT HIM UNTIL HE BLEEDS FROM THE MOUTH...and im like . .. ..;/ it wasnt good so dont go back for awhile dude...i mean yea..cuz just -nods- ;/ your dad needs to die im gunna shoot him in the head..but i like yer stepdad ;x WHY ISNT HE ON AIR TODAY? rofl val is on ;/ you know what you n those fuckin drums man ;/ your obsessed ;/ its sad ;[ rofl I LOVE SPARTAAAA! ;]]]] well yeah dudeeeeeee GOD SIX FUCKING HOURS? jesus ;/ rofl imma have to have a talk with shannon ;xxxx TELL HER SOME THINGS :x roflmao OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW moving on ! im happy for you guys......wait...if your..wait if shannon is my mom and like..wait..does that mean your my dad? ;/ sean is my dad so are you like my stepdad? ;/ oh wow thats fucked me n manda are both older than our own parents........;/ rofl thats just sad okay..@#%#($% GOD pricks all of you@#%( rofl okay imma gooooo like right now OH DUDE CASSIE N JASON ARE GOIN OUT ;x yeahh whose good god i just get everyone together -COUGHS ALL LOUD- ;xxx rofl okay I LOVE YOU MANNNNNNNNN

( m i k e `

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papi ;x
2003-09-03 22:07 (link)
::stares at your background:: know that they're all.....................grabbing eachothers balls?.... lmao ok thank you for talking to me and making me not feel like i loser ;]! anywho pops ill ttyl! byeee

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