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State Of Grace (_fuckedupkid) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 12:50:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:damnit_ blink182

    hey everybody, Haven't updated in a few days. things have juss been too crazy around here for anything. I guess mike & I are going back today. I guess thats cool becuz mike juss has to get out of here. I'm really worried about him & everything, most definitely after last night. two days in a row he's cried himself to sleep. i feel so fucking bad for him. He always ends up hurt in the end. it doesn't matter but he always gets hurt. and truthfully, I'm sick of it. Mike's like my brother I love the guy & hate seeing him in pain, or hurting. but he does & it sucks he's only nineteen he doesn't need this stuff. on the 24th, he's leaving though. He's going to get help which I guess is an awesome thing becuz he doesn't want to cut anymore he hasn't wanted to for awhile now. But like he's told me it's too hard to stop.

    Anyways, on a brighter note. our band has a show in about a week and a half, we're opening up for some band lol. afterwards, we're throwing a huge party. It's going to be awesome i can't wait. well i guess im juss going to go now so peace everybody

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2003-08-08 22:34 (link)
rob dude dont worry about me.....ill be....fine? yea -nods- dude i love you alot and you know im here for you and im sorry for putting you throguh this shit with my i told you last night dude im fucking done ive had enough of it..yea i do agree with you that i do get hurt more than i'd like to but hey what the fuck its just mike right? i wont mention any names or people just think i can sit there and take it..well fuck all that because i cant people think i'll be alright, and one day I will be but for right now i've got a long fucking way to go they expect me to be happy and smiling, for fucking what? woooooooo MIKES ALONE AGAIN LETS THROW A FUCKING PARTY! ...fuck that just fuck it ALL ..god...-shakes my head- i love you dude your my brother forever thanks for being here for me it means a lot ..

( m i k e `

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2003-08-09 13:27 (link)
wooooooohooooooo you updated! lol i just wanted to say that well imma go now...later skillet fry

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2003-08-09 16:43 (link)
;] .. hii rob :
i just wanted to leave you a comment before i left for mexico tomorrow. i just wanted to say hiii and im gunna miss you so much, and imma think of you everyday and i cant wait to come back to your arms ;]. you have made me so happy and i couldnt ask for any better. k imma finish talking to you in imz ;]!
__`'+ Shannon

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2003-08-11 10:59 (link)
ROBBB!@#*!@ hey buddy ;] I haven't talked to you in a couple of days.. how are youuu mannn??!!!! I hope things with you and Shanni are go0d ;xxx LATER BUDDY <3


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