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Chris (_fatefellshort_) wrote,
@ 2004-02-03 16:37:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:¤¨Blink 182-Feeling this¨¤

    ¤Fate fell short this time¤
    Well today was a very good day, i dont care what happens nothing can bring me down. Today Bridget made Trevor give ¨Jeff¨a note i wrote him, i'll try to reTYPE it in here:
    Hey! whats up? not much here i'm really bored. its 3rd hour. well the reason i'm writting is because I think your really hott. And i've heard from *someone* that you like me. I dont know if its true or not, but I hope it is.

    and then It went on about other stuff and my sn n number... and then after lunch i was standing with bridget and Jeff H.. not hott ¨Jeff¨lol and ¨Jeff¨ was on the other side of the hall lookin at me I think he was waitin for me to be alone or something I wish he would have just said something. I'm really curious to know how he feels.. he smiled real big when he got the note. I like him alot!

    Moving on, I have a issue, his names Matt, he's pissin me off, I dont wanna go tellin everyone about ¨Jeff¨ and everything, and he wanted to know his last name, and i'm not gunna go and tell everyone his whole name, just incase he doesnt feel the same, so if ppl know him they wont bother him. well matt got all "you always think i'm gunna fuck things up!" and I dont think that! I just dont wanna tell anyone! only people I told were amy and Bridget. Bridget because she knows him, and Amy because well, shes one of my best friends, why wouldnt I tell her.

    well i'm gunna leave at that, I cant wait until tomorrow, I hope Jeff talks to me in 1st hour or at lunch or i'm gunna have to say something first, and i'm bad at that... and i'll probaly burp or something LOL

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2004-02-28 17:44 (link)

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