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*dReaMiNg* (_dreeamer_) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 21:16:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:waiting....missy call me...

    survey...b.c im super bored
    What time is it?: 9:16
    What is the date?: July 28, 2003
    Why are you filling this out?: b.c i have nothing better to do

    You You You..
    Full name: Kristen Ann Braithwaite
    Do you like it?: sure, why not
    Nicknames: twinkles, giggles, quakie, duckie, kiwiki
    If you could change your first name, what would it be?: lexi
    (same as above) middle name?: i like ann
    Age: 16
    DOB: o1*o6*87
    Height: 5'7
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: hazel
    Where do you live?: oceanside
    Do you like it there?: yeah
    Why/Why not: b.c its where my life is
    Where were you born?: virginia
    Astrological sign: capricorn
    Shoe Size: 8 1/2 and 9
    Grade: 11th
    School: OHS
    GPA: 2.67

    The Fam..
    Parents names:Kathy & Tony
    Do you have any siblings?: yes
    If so, what are their names and ages?: Amanda(13) Meagan(11)
    Are your parents divorced/remarried/single?: divorced
    Pets: none
    Do you like your family?: i love my family...
    Favorite relative: josh

    Number: 13
    Color: pink and black
    Car: viper
    Season: Winter
    Holiday: My birthday
    Month: January
    Day of the week: friday
    Grade so far: 1st & 9th
    Sport: softball, soccer, baseball, football, hockey
    Class: history
    Teacher so far: Hoe!!!!
    Drink:dr. pepper
    Candy: twizzlers and straburst
    Food: mexican, italian
    Fruit: lemons
    Veggie: eww...none
    Dessert: cherry pie
    TV show: friends, everwood, that 7os show
    Radio station: rock 105.3
    CD: whatever
    Movie: peter pan. grease
    Actor: josh hartnett, brad pitt, ashtun kutcher, keanu reeves
    Actress: sandra bullock, jennifer aniston
    Song: you're still the one
    Word: never never land
    Phrase: dream as if youll live forever, live as if yoiull die today
    Animal: cat/dog
    Flower: white roses
    Clothing store: whatevers good
    Article of clothing: doesn't matter
    Underwear: none, its useless!!!
    State (that you've been to): virginia!! i love it there!!
    Ice cream flavor: white chocolate with cookie dough
    Breakfast food: french toast and eggs and toast
    Way to have fun: hang out with people i love

    This or That..
    Me/You: you
    AOL/AIM: aim
    CD/Cassette: cd
    DVD/VCR: dvd
    Radio/CD: cd
    Slow dance/Freak dance: slow dance
    Jeans/Khakis: jeans
    Jacket/Coat: jacket
    Leather/Pleather: leather
    Sparkles/Bronze: sparkles
    Sexy/Hot: sexy
    Car/Truck: truck
    Civic/Acura: acura
    Corvette/Camero: corvette
    Strong/Weak: strong
    Upset/Pissed: pissed
    Tall/Short: tall
    Lunch/Dinner: dinner
    Abercrombie/Hollister: abecrombie
    Gap/Old Navy: gap
    Nsync/BSB: neither
    Britney/Christina: britney
    Love/Lust: love
    Gone In 60 Seconds/The Fast and the Furious: the fast & the furious
    Inside/Outside: outside
    Lipstick/Lipgloss: lip gloss
    Silver/Gold: gold
    Piercings/Tattoos: ehh...whatever
    Football/Basketball: football
    Thunder/Lightning: thunder
    This/That: that

    Who is your best girl friend?: gilbert, andrew, steph, eric, charlotte, matt
    Guy friend: gilbert
    Do you get along with people easily?: not really
    Why/Why not: some people just don't like me and too many people give me shit
    Who have you known the longest?: andrew and charlotte
    Who do you dislike the most?: i don;t have any friends that i dislike but kristey
    Was your crush/bf/gf a close friend before you liked them?: sorta...hMmM....
    Craziest: charlotte & matt
    Loudest: stephanie
    Funniest: gilbert & eric
    Quietest: andrew
    Sweetest: gilbert, andrew, eric & matt
    most caring: gilbert and matt
    Most understanding: eric and matt
    Kinkiest: hMmMmmM...
    Sleeziest: none
    Best dressed:andrew and steph
    Biggest flirt: steph
    Most likely to have a 2 year relationship: me!!!
    Cutest couple: me and gilbert of course!!!
    Most loyal: matt and gilbert
    Most athletic?: andrew and me
    If you were stuck with only 2 friends, who would you pick and why?: gilbert and steph
    If you could date >ONE< guy friend, who would you date and why?: gilbert
    If you were the opposite sex, which member of the same sex (as you are now) would you date and why?: hahaha....i don't know...elissa, shes really pretty.... i guess....
    Most likely to be on America's Most Wanted: matt
    Most likely to be a stripper: i dunno
    Doctor: gilbert
    Teacher: eric
    Stay at home mom: charlotte
    One you'd travel across the world for: gilbert
    If you could take 5 friends to paradise with you to live, who would you take and why would they be the best?: gilbert-hes awesome*stephy-i have fun*andrew-partyness*matt-fun crap*eric-the best to talk to
    Biggest wanna-be playa (boy): andrew
    Biggest wanna-be playa (girl): i uno
    Biggest thug: andrew
    Smartest: charlotte
    Who would do anything for a thousand dollars?: gilbert
    Who has the nicest parents?: matt!! and gilbert!!!
    Who is like your adopted sister/brother?: steph
    Who is the most like you?: steph

    Love and Relationships...
    Do you have a bf/gf?:yes
    If so, who?: gilbert
    If not, do you have a crush?: --
    If so, who?: --
    How long have you liked your bf/gf/crush?: i have loved my boy since dec. o3 2oo1
    What about them do you like so much?: everything he does for me
    What is their strongest quality?: talking
    Weakest quality?: jealousy
    How long have you known them?: almost 2 years
    What physical feature attracted you to them first?: hair, eyes, smile, butt
    Personality feature: hes so sweet
    If you could kiss one famous >MUSICIAN< who would it be and why?: travis barker, hes super hottness
    If you could kiss one famous >ACTOR< who would it be and why?: josh hartnett, hes hott
    If your single, why do you think you are?: ---
    What was your longest relationship?:the one im in
    Shortest: a day
    Who was your first love (if you've had one)?: gilbert
    Do you miss them (if your not still together)?:
    First kiss: garrett
    Most recent kiss: gilbert
    Who is one person you've liked but >NEVER< said a thing?: no one

    If you could take back one thing you did, what would it be and why?:putting gilbert thro hell
    Do you have any regrets?: putting gilbert thro hell
    Last thing you said: whatever
    last song you heard: headstrong
    Last person you talked to: andrew
    If you could get back together with an ex, who would it be and why?:none

    What are you doing right now?: filling this out...duh!
    What cd is in your cd player?: nothing
    Are you cold?: no
    How are you sitting?: one leg up on the chair
    Is there music on?: no
    If so, what song is it?:
    What time is it?: 10:00
    Where are your parents?: mom is sleeping

    How old will you be when you graduate high school?: 18
    Are you going to get married?: yes
    Although you cant tell who you'll marry, is there anyone you'd wish it would be?: yes
    If so, who?: gilbert
    Are you going to have children?: yes
    If yes, how many?: like 5
    What will you name them?: trent, trevor, trista, drew and landon
    Do you want to go to college?: yes
    Which college: i want to go to UCLA, but prolly somewhere where i can play softball
    What kind of car will you want to drive: a truck
    What kind of job will you have: psychologist or photographer
    Whats your expectations for when your 25?: be married and be settling down with the one i love

    Have you ever...
    Drank: yes
    Smoked: yes
    Skinny Dipped: no
    Prank called the police: no
    Been followed, ect by the police: no
    Been high: yes
    Done drugs: yes
    If so, what?:pot
    Stole: no
    Met someone off the net: yes
    Been in a fist fight: no
    Punched your sibling/parent: yes
    Wished you'd die: yes
    Tried to commit suicide: no
    Broken a bone: no
    Driven illegally: yes
    Thrown things at your parents: yes
    Runaway: sorta
    Filled out a survey this long: yes

    How Would You Spell these...
    Sean/Shawn: sean
    Desiree/Desirae/other: desiree
    Megan/Meghan: megan
    Nicole/Nichole/other: nicole
    Mark/Marc: mark
    Eric/Erik: eric
    Ashley/Ashlee/Ashleigh/other: ashley
    Morgan/Morghan: morgan
    Jackie/Jaqui/other: jackie
    Caitlin/Kaitlyn/other: katlyn
    Shelly/Shelley/other: shelly
    Carey/Carrie/other: Carrie
    Vick/Vic: vic
    Darren/Daren: darren
    Derek/Derrik: derek
    Bryan/Brian: brian
    Nikki/Nicky/Nicci/other: nikki
    Christina/Kristina: christina
    Zak/Zack/Zach: zack
    Gina/Geena: geena

    Do you right in cursive or print?: sorts both
    Are you a lefty, righty, or ambidextrious: righty
    Do you believe in God?: yes
    Whats your religion?: christian
    What do you think of rainbows?: pretty
    Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: yes
    If so, where?: ears and belly
    If not, do you want any, where?: i want a tattoo
    What do you think of Eminem?: yuckii
    Is Tupac Shakur really dead?: yes
    What do you think of Britney and Justin?: they had sex, thats great for them
    If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?: virginia
    Do you drive?: yes
    Do you have braces or glasses?: none
    Like milk and cookies?: of course
    Ever worn black nail polish?: yes
    If your a guy, have you ever painted your nails?:
    Girls, what color nail polish do you have on?: none
    If you could have a 6th sense, what would it be?: read minds
    If you have a magical power, what would it be and why would you want it?:read minds..i dunnoo
    If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?: watch people
    Do you do things even when your parents say no?: sometimes
    What is your favorite song to "rock out" to?: headstrong
    Ever taken anything from a hotel?: yes..haha
    Did you talk to your crush/bf/gf today?: yes
    If so, for how long?: long time
    If not, why not?:
    Do you think this is stupidly long?: whatever
    Did you like it?: whatever
    Why/Why not: give me something to do
    Do you like me for this?: sure

    What time is it?: 1o:11
    What is the date?: July 28, 2oo3
    Why did you just do this?: i was super bored

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2003-07-29 10:10 (link)
hey i'm adding you to my friend's list. i have your other journal on there too.

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2003-08-06 14:08 (link)

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