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~>*Lis*<~ (_desire_) wrote,
@ 2003-02-16 22:55:00
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    Current mood:content
    Current music:Sugarcult

    Ahh--> i havent updated in a couple days well...
    Valentines Day was horrible. One of those days when everything goes wrong at once. I was so stressed out. AND lonely.
    Saturday was good tho. My friends threw me a surprise b-day party--> how sweet :)
    I had a pretty good time..Adam couldn't go tho cuz he had a basketball game :(
    Sunday(today) was ok...i met my friends in town for lunch and then me and my friend went to matt's house. After we left it was freezing and we had no ride newhere so we called our friend Dave who lives down the street and went to his house for awhile and watched tv and stuff. We had a pretty good time. And then i came home(now)--and am bored again...good thing i don't have school tomorrow--BUT i do have school the rest of the week :( unlike every other school!!! how unfair..
    Its snowing --> AHHHHH! :(! I hate snow! --but hopefully it will snow a lot and we wont have school on tuesday either
    Well..I'm gunna go ill talk more later!
    <3 Lis

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2003-02-17 14:18 (link)
sorry u didnt hav a good valentinez day (neither did i) and i hav school this week too! ughh.. but maybe with all this snow we'll get a day off =)

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2003-02-17 21:23 (link)
haha yeah--my school just called and we don't have school tomorrow--> thats the only thing snow is good for. haha

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2003-02-18 12:41 (link)
Yeah, I hate snow too. I have this whole week off ;D heh, sorry you don't! ;/

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