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*_CaThArSiS_* (_controversial) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 10:46:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:x. marching parade .x the storming friday

    cough cough SNEEZE cough
    i am sick.
    i was up for 3 hours last night cause my freakin sinus headache didnt want to go away.
    i hate it when other people are angry or sad, especially those that i truly care about
    because then it rubs off on me and it makes me sad/"depressed."
    like mr b.
    and my beloved josephstreet.
    well anyways, i am looking forward to an absolutely nothing-filled day. and no one reads this anyway.
    livejournal sucks.
    im smarter than the average bear,
    and yesterday was the weirdest day i have had in a while.
    watching dawsons creek, i hope my mom will bring home a cheeseburger
    we get upstairs carpet installed today
    damn writers block.
    i send in my SCGSAH app. soon, keep me in your prayer-like meditations
    religion has losto all meaning to me,
    christianity is just too hard to believe anymore
    maybe one day i will go back to it
    but i feel so lost now, religion wise.
    i just dont know anymore.
    anyone have any consolation?

    i do what i can,

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hey and things of the same matter
2003-12-09 16:14 (link)
hey pudgemuffin i hope you feel better i tried to call you at lunch today but if it had to go wrong it did i am sorry i wish i could be there for you and i agree with you on the christianity stuff i was trying to say that last night but the parental units had to disconnect the phone and i dont have a phone anymore they canceled the service so i can talk to you via e mail im and the blurty unless i can get a hold of the cell phone gar but yeah i hope you feel better i have to go now i gotta be lectured on how to be a christian that im not and how to be a more verbal person around my family I LOVE YOU PUDGEMUFFIN josephstreet do what you can

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