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mandaa ♥ 's you! (_break_my_heart) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 20:16:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:hmm

    screw this!
    2day was okay 2 begin with.. school sucks but wut can ya do bout it? i FINALLY had that -oh-so-important- meeting with the principals 2day.. and i finally dropped spanish!! i cant say it enough -» im so happy. although he kept tryin 2 make me feel guilty bout it by tellin me that it was somethin important. but really spanish doesnt do anything for me, if im not passing, its just a waste of time! i kno damn well for a fact, that im not gonna major in spanish. hey i made it thru enought years (3 n 1/2) to be able to get myself a job at the grocery store or mcdonalds.. i mean how hard can it be. i went thru the number unit! theres my future career...

    strangely one of the principals asked me wut i was planning 2 do after i got outta highschool.. which scared me! i didnt kno that i was supposed 2 be puttin my mind to something this early! im in 9th grade, i mean i guess wait till 11th, and even 12th grade 2 start worrying bout life.. but now im just a kid, and im really not sure. i had 2 think quick and prentend that iwanted 2 be a designer.. idk i thought it sounded good, my aunts a designer, its fun, and you get paid well.. but really, i dont have any idea where im goin in life, and i dont even kno if i should be.. idk for now, i think i gotta worry bout gettin thru school before i havta handle life on my own!!!

    so anyway after school, after all my meetings nd whatever, i was allowed 2 play against brewter in my next game! i was so excited, since i havent played for weeks! but then coach tells me "ur not gonna play as much as ur hoping, u missed alotta practiece" i guess i didnt realize he was serious.. i wanted 2 play, but instead i was practically falling asleep on the sidelines, just watching. after a while i got really pissed, i wanted 2 walk outt. they obviously didnt need me.. even tho i understood why i couldnt play, it wasnt fair, i wanted 2 play.. o well i got onto the court a few times, made some nice blocks on D>. and that was pretty much it. im still like mad at the entire world right now.. well i can be happy that we KILLED brewster.. last time they crushed us but we came back and nailed em.. nicee!

    well my whole familys upstairs, aunts uncles, and all dat 4 my lil sisters 1st bday! post onee..luv ya

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2004-01-17 14:05 (link)
until tha week i live i hold my splene for youuuu
you frogive me of the days when i knew what u were
but tha 3rd hnad will catch us like it never did
-manderzz + rissa verison,hahaha that was so funnii

that was soo great,tuesday 9th period singing that through tha halls and flavor of tha weak!!

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2004-01-17 19:05 (link)
thanks 4 including me...

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Re: thanks...
2004-01-18 18:20 (link)
uhh.. whos this?


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haha yes
2004-01-18 18:20 (link)
omg.. yes amazing!!
haha globals amazing.. thats one thing imma miss when i move.. haha like writin in the textbooks.. haha i think i gotta start with 1000.. hmmm ;)


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