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mandaa ♥ 's you! (_break_my_heart) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 16:37:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:yellow card---way away

    9 years... never thought it would change
    ive mentioned the move before, but i guess i never thought about it all that seriously...

    for those of you who have seen my house, you kno how small it is. you kno that there are 4 kids in the family, 2 adults, and a dog.. and realisticly there isnt enough space. the youngest of the kids (chris *4, lindsey *1) have to share a bedroom. if we were 2 stay here, sooner or laterr one of them would notice the lack of privacy they had.

    i mean me nd my bro had to share a bedroom for a few years, and we noticed that boys nd girls should have seperate rooms. so we redid the basement nd made it into 2 more bedrooms a family room, a weight room or gym thingy, a laundry room and closet space. but mommy had another baby, and things started to get cramped. i guess my parents were making decisions without me knowing, cuz they said that theyve been thinking bout the move. the first time i heard bout the whole thing was like 4 days ago..but wut can ya do.. i really dnt have a say as 2 what my familys gonna do...

    in a way movings fun, i mean u get 2 start ur life over.. any mistakes uve made in the past are almost erased, and no one there will know who u are. u loose any bad reputations, or can set out 2 make a better one. new houses are fun, espically getting a bigger bedroom, or having a pool. mom said i could have pool parties, so thatll b fun.. meetin new ppl isnt always bad, i mean how cold can ppl be anywaysz.? going somewhere new means plenty of new guysz.. which is always good..hehe. i mean mom said "maybe youll meet a nice boy and thats all youll ever need. a boyfriend, nd he will b perfect".. its true if i just hav one person 2 get me thru the though stuff... i think i`ll b fine... and its only a matter of a few months or weeks even, untill it will feel like ive lived there forever, and everything will b back 2 normal.

    desipite all of that there are the down-sides. like meeting new ppl isnt always good. ppl tend to judge u before they even get 2 kno u. (and i do this 2 :(...) and once u have urself a label thats wut u are nd ppl dont even bother 2 find u out for themselves. im sure that will happen..but hey i guess i dnt have a choice as 2 where im moving so id better get used 2 it...grrr! and sometimes i really hate new things, new places. it just feels weird, it doesnt belong to you. im a "creature of habbit".. as its called. which means that i dont like change, i like things to be the same all the time. every morning i get up i have to do everything in a certain order to get myself ready.. thats just how it is.. idk im a weird

    well moving has its ups and i guess id better look at the ups, cuz i dont have any say in what my family decides, so i guess i better make the best of this.. ill get used 2 it and in a few months i wont even mind it anymore.

    friends say "o yea, we will definetly keep in touch".. but believe me it doesnt happen. even ur truest friends wont even bother 2 keep up with u. but idk maybe i would be the same way, i mean if you dont actually spend time with that person, u wouldnt have anything to talk about... who knows ill deal with that problem when i get there...

    right now the question is "addition or moving" my dad would rather put the addition on, if it would be easier and cheaper. but then again if we moved up north the houses are ALOT bigger and go for alot cheaper than wut we paid for the house were living in now.. who knows there is still a while till the summer (our planned moving time if so) nd we have alot of decisions to make

    o well i have bball at 2.. and i gotta do my hair because after practice were off 2 look 4 houses... great just what i wanna do on a day off is think about moving even more! lol

    post a comment, cuz u kno u`ll miss me.. :=( lol...miss u 2.. xO.amanda.Ox «-

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2004-01-03 18:48 (link)
manda!! no dont leave me in all our classes, you truly will be missed n i sware i`m im you everyday and tell you anything you missed in sci or global, moving is a good thing i guess i mean you get to start over, you can find that bf that you want and you wont ever hafta be upset bout your sohott ever again, you can come here for dances and still stick with tha tru friends, i know you`ll have fun wherever you go.....manderzz imma die in school wifout you

luvv always,
xO rissa

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2004-01-03 19:02 (link)
..despite all the good things about moving, i can name about 100 things that make it worse.. starting over can be good in a way, i mean no one knows me. i can start a whole new life, and no one will know my past mistakes or whats happened 2 me. but id rather stay here with everyone i know and love. its been about 9 years, and i never thought it would change. but what can i do?? and yes i am kinda glad imma get away from my "soo hott"... and i`ll meet a new one, who wont b a liar..

make sure u keep me posted on everything that i miss, bout ur so hott and mine! tell me bout break ups and relationships. i definely be in the neighborhood sometimes, visitin the family.. so maybe ill come spend a day in the school sometimes.. ill try and have fun and keep clear of any TRUCKS..if ya kno wut i mean.. and im gonna die without u and everyone else in school 2.. i`ll be ..a.l.o.n.e.. lol

miss yahSz...alwaySz amanda xO

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its julien
2004-01-03 20:35 (link)
holy crap amanda i cant believe ur moving im gonna miss u so much
we had so much jokes and stuff u better not move or im gonna have to come and visit and we know u wouldnt like that never gonna 4get the ghetto ghetto rules forever lol will is gonna kill us
i hope u just put an addition on ur house or else im gonna be pissed and i will never go to will's house again
ok well ttyl
and listen to my new ghetto

wat up homie g u wanna play some dominoes mo**** f***** lol

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Re: its julien
2004-01-04 16:11 (link)
i kno we had a million jokes... i could name so many of em w/out even thinking... like *

that time we ate that whole box of GIANT goldfish at wills house.. lol we were sittin at the computer, in a daze, and we ate them all (cuz u kno who we are..) * then theres all those ghetto moments.. the shoes, our will convos with the gun in the garage.. ghetto stories and all our convos.. jimmy and the goat, and how the kid will smoke anything he can get his hands on! ** horror at 109.. "ok kids i gotta go pay the man 4 the geeeaaaaassss" lol tru new yorker right "thurr".. * matt and haley are tru lovers lol dnt ever leave them in a room .a.l.o.n.e. they are young and ` -» ill miss u and im sure LIL DICKIE will 2..

dont worry... im gonna get myself one of those "nice big rich cortlandt manor rich girl style houses".. we will hav a pool a hot tub and lots of other cool stuff, and ill have a party.. ill invite all my buchananers nd "verplankers"..

u gotta keep an eye on will... tell me how hes pimpin` -» and tell me if dylan ever finishes early mooberry.. lol

o and by the way yes i loved ur new ghetto.. try showin that 2 ur ghetto tampa cuz nd will... theyll b sure 2 pull a gun on u.. lol


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