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Avril Lavigne (_avril__) wrote,
@ 2003-03-20 02:04:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Kill The Rock - Mindless Self Indulgence

    k so let me start by saying it is not a good idea to keep your foot on your chair in one position for a really long time especially if it is made of some kind of metal. i have this director's chair thing that i take around and use because it's little and flat..ish..and yeah..anyway. i put my foot on it in this weird position and i just moved it and i think i have a permanent dent in my foot not to mention circulation loss

    i came across this completely by accident but eliza's icon keywords are the best okay, i mean i have not seen this kind of originality in all the time i've had this journal. oh wait that's not saying much is it? OKAY SHUT UP SHE ROCKS NOW ALDKFJALKRJ.

    when someone finds out what's wrong with pansy, will they please be kind enough to tell me, i mean if he is going to die before saturday i think it's only right that someone finds a replacement for marion, and that could take some time. okay who am i kidding first of all he's not going to die i cannot allow that. if he actually did die though i would marry marion because she is really hot and what more do i need?

    k i lied i need someone with a penis but don't tell her she might cry. oh wait i forgot zac's not allowed to die, emergency over thank you very much no i forgot WHERE IS EVAN DAMNIT >:o

    this song is driving me insane okay it's just...yeah go get it and you'll understand

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2003-03-20 03:36 (link)
lajldrhtnolbutjy bullshit I don't rock you do! ~lightly laughs and smiles~

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2003-03-20 17:56 (link)
:laughs: sure i do.

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2003-03-22 13:02 (link)

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2003-03-22 13:08 (link)

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