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elliot smith (_asleep) wrote,
@ 2004-01-22 12:11:00
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    Current mood:green-ish
    Current music:500 channels- choking victim

    things i....oh, you'll figure it out
    exams.studying for exams.thinking about exams.internet lingo."house safety rules".anti-semites. homophobics.ben hirsch.georgia bills.alex ingraham's away addicting "aim" (ohmigod i'm so fucking trendy!!!!!lolololol) is. how fucking far away putney is.morgan's ass.bono.the edge. u2 in general. dave mathews.yeah, pop in general.people who look at me like i'm crazy when i mention kerouac.the home shopping channel.lack of codeine.lack of cigarettes.lack of my fucking lighter.feeling like an invalid. highschool. yellow.the orange line.dialectical fucking behavioral therapy.below zero temperatures. hearing bush say "we strive for peace. we are striving for peace. all we want is peace." reality television. jealousy. yellow ribbons.the people who will post on this to tell me i'm a spoiled bitch.louis prima."lite" jazz.rhett. teddy's girlfriend.the stuff i used to wear in sixth grade.blatant marketing schemes.subtle marketing schemes.the bastards that develop marketing schemes.white chocolate.your fucking harry potter movies.ugh, exams.

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2004-01-24 12:52 (link)
I can never think about what I am thinking about because then I forget what I was thinking about and try to think about what I was thinking about, ect. or is it etc. I always forget.

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2004-01-24 15:26 (link)
is that a quote or are you high? and also, i have that dilemma too, i could just never put it as articulately as you...

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2004-01-24 17:55 (link)
that was no quote.. and i was not high.

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2004-01-25 08:58 (link)
smashing. simply amazing. bravo! a star is born!

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