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elliot smith (_asleep) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 20:05:00
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    Current mood:ask baz luhrman
    Current music:death sex- the distillers

    photo icons of the sixties, volume two
    got a polariod in the middle of my mirror, much rather look at that than my reflection. i show my dad and he says "oh, honey, you're so messed up!how do you do it?" and laughs. thanks, daddy.
    uh, tripping is really fun. claire's friends have REALLY nice boobs, and sharing a hotel room with three other hot, tripped out chicks with really great clothes (red lace/velvet corset w/ garters, neon pink stilettos, army trench, 3 green raincoats, etc) is really fucking fun. we almost watched "sex survivors" (contestants compete to get to have sex with this one person) but in the end, non.
    kerouac was so fucking beautiful, christ. i've decided i want "jaques" in tiny block print right at the base of my neck, so i can pretend i knew him when...damn, lusting after dead people, fucking necrophilia.
    claires friend lizzy- i've got some questions about her. so everywhere we went, she got hit on. multiple times. shes by no means unattractive but certainly not gorgeous. she's kind of roly-poly, marilyn monroe body type (round in all the right places, ahemahem), cute face, but certainly not nearly as striking as claire or her other friend. and yet, always her. as a person, shes really outgoing (shes an actress, "star athlete", plays bass, sings, etc), but its not like the guys who try to pick her up on the street know that, they've only just seen her. so i'm thinking she must like exude self-confidence, which makes a person really attractive. but, WHAT? its not exactly a tangible thing. damn. to ponder...

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