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kbot (_anagnorisis) wrote,
@ 2004-05-09 21:17:00
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    anagnorisis :the point in the plot especially of a tragedy at which the protagonist recognizes his or her or some other character's true identity or discovers the true nature of his or her own situation..

    I created this journal for the purpose of people I know not reading it. I`m not commited enough to start a paper journal, but I need some place to bee 100% honest with myself, &others (even if i dont know them).

    dont add me to make your friends list bigger, or to be a douche bag. I`ll comment, &so should you.

    I live in boston. I go to shows. I love the scene, the music, &the fashion. I drink a lot, smoke, &love to paint. My days are spent in Harvard Sq, kissing &loving my beautiful boy will &being as fucking crazy as possible. I write poetry/prose, in my mind &on paper as much as I can. I suck at school, but get by. Starting in september I`ll be attending Blaine Beauty school to get my cosmotology lisence to cut hair. I`m the biggist hypocondriact you will ever meet. I live with my dad in a one floor cozy little home on D roadway. I hate my mom, &love black coffee.

    music a silver mt.zion moving units le shok azure ray converge favorite atomic hero fischerspooner beach boys the cars stellstarr !!! the raveonettes drexel american nightmare q and not u elliot smith yeah yeah yeahs xiu xiu the mules sugarcubes the decemberists the english beat the shins the sounds mars volta nora my chemical romance hot hot heat gravy train!!!! the sharking damone pg.99 division of laura lee kicked in the head the one am radio orchid radiohead mission of burma ladytron mates of state big d bjork the kills spitvalves pretty girls make graves the faint ted leo.

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2004-05-10 22:59 (link)
I'll be your chorus that sings in detail about your anagnorisis revelation.

And Radiohead will be our stronghold.

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