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Hopelessly In Love (quarternotes) wrote in __wife,
@ 2005-05-01 10:30:00
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    hi. im the girl that posted that letter awhile ago to my boyfriend jeff. well, he read it and just pushed it aside. we broke up wednesday. first thing he said was that the girl who told me he was planning on marrying me if we both go to the same college was putting words in his mouth and that he never said that.. then he said he was so busy now that he has like no time even for himself and that things just wont work and i say things arent always going to be this busy and he's all yes they are because i'm going to be working all summer plus college is next fall and blah so i couldnt really say anything to that. there was so much more i wanted to say to him but people started coming into the room we were in and he started to walk away from me kinda so i just left, i couldnt take it. he's such and idiot. then friday i find out from my friend becky who found out from rebecca who found out form jon who found out from jeff himself that jeff said one of the reasons why we broke up besides him being to busy was "because the relationship wasn't moving fast enough" WHICH IS SUCH BULLSHIT. omg such bullshit. i'm so pissed at him. im cornering him monday and making him tell me if he said that or not... cuz it has just made me so mad.

    godn boys suck sometimes...

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2005-05-14 00:06 (link)
High school boys suck period. Go to college and forget about him.

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