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& iit qets harder to hiDe iit everyday (__l0v3able) wrote,
@ 2005-03-30 11:56:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:cute wiithout the e - taking bak sunday

    Its been a b a d d a y, & all i n e e d to do is look at you & know that i'm okay
    heyy well i was boreD so i felt lyk makinq one of these .. heh , well today i stayed home from school aqain b/c it was sum gay feilD trip tO the lyk basketball hall of faMe .. so i sTaYed hOme ... i miss Justin soo much <33 well i am lyk never qoinq to talk to george aqain b/c i fouNd out that he cheated on me .. and that all the time he said he was busy and that he couLd`nt hanq out was relle b/c he was with qirlsz .. oh well , i doNt want nething to do with him nemore ... heh .. err i neeDa talk to jessica haha .. sOo tOday im prolly chilleN with Justin <3 heh .. im sooo bOred riqht noww lyk noone is home! err .. lol .. well im qoin to finD sumthin to dO ttyl

    one l0ve
    xO * melinda

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2005-03-30 13:15 (link)
Hey there say your name and loved it just wanted to say Hi! and I just started this thing too so its new to me. I was wondering how you get the words to scroll like that.

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2005-03-30 13:23 (link)

thiis is hOw you Do it <*marquee> TEXT HERE
take out the staR`sz (( * ))

xOx melinDa

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