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» my teeth - my car - my vagina (__glycerine) wrote,
@ 2003-05-31 00:32:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music: Dead Star Assembly \\ Breathe For Me

    Happy Birthday to me!
    Yeah, I decided to make me my own birthday present and make a whole new journal! Yeah, it's a bit on the tacky side right now, but soon it'll be all good. Blah, I really miss Pat. He called me at 12;00 and wished me Happy Birthday, which made me really happy. So happy I started crying because I just love him so much and he makes me feel so special. Well, yeah enough of jibber jabber...This is my new journal and I'll update tomorrow. It should be pretty well filled. I'm going over to Pat's house as soon as I wake up to spend my birthday with him, and then we go to work. Wo0t. Holler.

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2003-05-31 13:26 (link)
hey! i'm inviting all of hayden christensen's fans on blurty to join my community, hayden_fans! it's in need of more members! if you'd like, please join! if not, i'm sorry to bother you. :)

- christina

ps: happy birthday!! :)

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