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bang. bang. guns go bang. (__cool) wrote,
@ 2005-02-24 17:35:00
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    Current mood:woo.
    Current music:the academy is.

    get me out of the rain. get me out of my clothes. hope i dont make a sound. hope that nobody knows.
    EARLY DISMISSAL! SAY WAHAAAAT ! yea exciting i know.

    today was good. spanish was awesome &me &mac passed notes like normal kids. free, watched the notebook with alie &attempted to do chem homework. history was boring as hell but whats new. chem finished teh test &i did horrible. THEN WE GOT OUT ! WOO ! &em came over for a little &we ran around in the snow &then we decided to run around the block in our uniforms with no rjackets &well we got real cold halfway down the street &then came back. got mcdonalds for lunch. made my dad birthday cards. music + makeup. oh its been a fun day. mostly because i had mountain dew at school. MY LOVER. yea im crashing.

    "Attention bidders! Its line 45. He's got a decent voice, he's got that crooked smile. Hold on, you havent heard the best yet. He writes good storylines, he's got those honest eyes. So take him home for just $9.95. He'll sing the songs you like, he'll keep you warm at night."

    anyone have the academy is, hellogoodbye, or armor for sleep cds ?

    happy birthday to my dad !

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2005-02-24 21:49 (link)
no i'm not cool enough to have those cds. sorry!

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2005-02-24 22:05 (link)
happy birthday to senor shiple!

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Re: ps
2005-02-27 17:24 (link)
wooo ! thanks ! even tho its not my birthday .. YEA.

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2005-02-27 17:26 (link)
tis quite all right my dear.

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2005-02-26 11:48 (link)
hey..its anne. from IHM. i was a grade above you. we played vball together & ive seen you a few times this year. how ya doing? haha i found your myspace randomly which gave a link to here, and i saw this. i have the hgb ep and a few more songs, and an armor for sleep cd. if you want, i can send them to you. just im me if you want them. :) xk0nstant.

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2005-02-27 17:25 (link)
AH ! anne ! DUUUUUDE could you please?! id love you forever &a year. ill def im ya. ♥

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