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fashionxcore (___fashionxcore) wrote,
@ 2004-12-22 14:26:00
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    So last night i go to Mountain mikes. with Candace, Holli, and Josh. it was pretty cool. just missed Christina! we played some pool. Josh beat us. haha. but i was the second best. hah woot. well today im going to the condors game. with Holli & candace. oh JOY! i love hockey games. its fun to watch. cause they beat the shit out of each other. its quite entertaining.

    eh i just got some bad news. they sold my moms company to see indians. oh great. like ppl are going to take there clothes there now. and they might fire all the managers so that means my mom. cause shes the manager at the store. shes works at One Hour Martinizing Dry Cleaners. oh great. i wish the best luck for my mother. and this sucks because right when i turn 16 i was going to work there. but now i cant. FUCK. and i dont want to work somewhere where ppl think Terrorists are going to be at the store. how grand.

    well im out. Bye.

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