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melissa p (____alreadydead) wrote,
@ 2007-12-30 23:07:00
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alphabetical :]
2008-08-20 18:22 (link)
pick 5 of these people that you like and in no less than 3 sentences, tell why.

i am choosing these 5 people because when something is wrong, i look through my buddy list for one of them to talk to.
grais: "i like turtles." grais is one of the funniest girls i know on el, she can always make me laugh. no matter what is going on. we both have like ~strong personalities so we used to not fight, but argue because we didn't agree on a lot of things and grais was never afraid to call me out of my shit. i love her indecisive boy problems. i hate when she has a life :[ bc it makes me rly sad. even though she hates audrina, i guess i can still be her friend. i don't like when she's sad bc it's just so, distressing idk. we have gotten in fights but i love her so much, and i hope she knows i'll always be around idk.

maggie: this girl is my little sister. we have never fought. not once. which is crazy bc of all the shit we talk ab, you'd think she'd hate me by now. i feel like we have the same thoughts some times because we'll be talking ab something, and both say the same thing ab it at the exact same time. i love how whenever we start talking after not talking for a bit, it's like no time has gone by. i really, really hate when people are mean to her, or about her. because maggie is one of the nicest girls i have ever talked to in my entire life. she is so caring and sweet. so when that happens, i have the ~instinct to protect her or to defend her. i love how we'll just be talking say ab like popcorn. and something is wrong but i haven't told her yet. and she'll go, "wait wait, stop. what's wrong?" like she just has this feeling and i love that we have that bond. i'm rly surprised she's still around bc of how close we are but that makes me really happy. i love you bb.

melissa d: she stole my name :[ what a little betch! jk. i love that i can say i have a jewish friend lmfao. i am so jealous of her, it's ridiculous. she's so pretty and skinny and just idk. i love her clothes. i love that i know i can im her and just vent and she'll listen. i feel like no one on el really knows melissa d the way we know her, the way c5 knows her. i feel like we've seen her at her worst and at her best. and i've seen her be one of the most caring and genuine people i know. idk like she's hilarious when high which is mostly always. she's stubborn as shit :] i love that through everything she knows whose opinions actually mater. i love you.

rachel: okay, where to start? she was the first person on el that i ever got close to. we used to tell eachother everything, we used to be able to talk non-stop for days and days. but i think eventually, we ran out of things to say, yk? we fight over the stupidest shit. idk why. and then, we don't make up for days/weeks because we're both so fucking stubborn. idk. even though we don't talk like we used to, i still could definitely trust her with everything. like, ik that if it came down to it, she'd be there. even if we were in some huge fight, ik she'd be able to forget ab all the bullshit, and just, be there. idk. i love her to death. even if she can't take a joke :]

taronda: now this girl, she's my big sister. she's always looking out for me in the big sister-ly way. but still, she's also like idkidk. i dont know how to explain this. she has her own andrew. which is amazing bc she understands that when we aren't talking, it's basically idk. she understand exactly how i'm feeling. when most people are just like, you'll be talking again soon. but she really fucking gets it, and our lives are so in sync it's fucking freaky as hell. like one of us will say something, and it'll just be like, WTF ME TOO. idkidkidk. i love her so much. i'd do anything for her.

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Re: alphabetical :]
2008-08-20 18:26 (link)
ya srsly... since when does LOL mean laugh out loud? ;)

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Re: alphabetical :]
2008-08-20 22:11 (link)
idek melissa, this means so much to me. i love that when we started talking we managed to get through awkwardness somehow and become so close. i hate knowing that things i go through with luc are the same things you do with andrew. it's crazy how in sync our lives are tbh. i feel like sometimes i do not even have to say what's going on bc you already know, bc you're dealing with it too. i hate that you deal w so much shit regularly and IDK OKAY ~rambling ilysm and tysm for being here =(

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