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melissa p (____alreadydead) wrote,
@ 2007-12-30 23:07:00
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2008-03-02 16:17 (link)
i cheated on my boyfriend last night. we've been together two months and seeing each other for a month before that. i dont know why i did it, they guy i kissed is just a friend and its not an excuse, but i was really drunk. it only happened once and he kissed me, i didnt for one second want him to, or act like it was okay for him to do it. i really regret it, ive never cheated on him or anyone else before, and i never want to do it again.i feel horrible. when i woke up this morning and he was lying there and i remebered what had happened, i was disgusted with myself. i dont know if i should tell him, i dont know if he'd break up with me but i know it will never be the same. i know how hurt id be if he kissed another girl, but if it didnt mean anything and he regrets it i dont think id want to know. if he asked me, i wouldnt lie. ive not told anybody and i know the boy i kissed wont either, ive already lost my friend i dont want to loose my boyfriend. he deserves so much better and i know that, but if i tell him that, im scared he'll realise im right.

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2008-03-02 17:44 (link)
if you were expecting sympathy then you rly came to the wrong place. you're right, he does deserve better. i don't even know him and i know that.
if you didn't want to kiss him, then why would you? you're right that being drunk isn't an excuse. there's never an excuse for cheating on someone.
even if you think you'd rather not know about someone cheating on you, you'd want to know. cause it would only hurt 10x more if it ever came up later on down the road. if he finds out from someone else, by chance, he's not going to be pleased. saying that you're not going to tell him because YOU wouldn't want to know is just you pussying out because you don't want to face the consequences of what you did.
it doesn't matter how long you've been with someone, cheating always hurts your boyfriend/girlfriend. it's going to tear him apart. it's basically like saying that you need more than what your boyfriend/girlfriend can give you. it's a slap in the face.

but he should know. if you really do like him and do regret it, you would know that he deserves to know.
i rly don't know why i even bothered wasting my time in replying to this comment.
cheaters are completely fucked.
if you had any idea what cheating does to a person, you wouldn't even let yourself be in the kind of a situation where you are going to cheat.
fuck you for cheating on your boyfriend.
if you don't tell him, if you are human, you will feel guilty about it forever.
so i hope you do and maybe he will be understanding and forgive you.
but i hope that he dumps your sorry ass because he should know that he DOES deserve better than someone who's going to fuck him over and cheat on him.
if i sound bitter, it's cause i am.

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2008-03-03 16:25 (link)
No, im not looking for sympathy at all. I didnt kiss him back, i pushed him off and obviously he wasnt happy, which is why he fell out with me. He knew i had a boyfriend and he still thought he could do that. I wasnt in any way using the fact that wouldnt want to know, to try and justify not telling him or my actions. I just dont want him to think that i wanted him to kiss me, cause i really didnt. I made a mistake.

And i have been cheated on, i know how it feels...

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2008-03-03 17:34 (link)
then when you tell him, make sure he understands that you didn't want it to happen. and that you pushed your friend off right away and maybe mention how you are no longer friends with this person anymore.
if you have been cheated on, idg why you would want to hesitate in telling him.

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2008-03-09 14:36 (link)
Okay, thanks a lot for your help and being honest :)

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