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scenes one through thirteen (______touchyou) wrote,
@ 2003-01-30 18:52:00
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    Current mood:bitchy
    Current music:Bright Eyes

    my oh my..
    Wednesday was just wonderful. I took my American Hisotry midterm (and I totally kicked it's ass!) and it was a breeze. Laura gave me a ride home and I cleaned up around the house. Then I made plans with Jenn and everything worked out.. sorta!

    I took the train out to Babylon and got in @ 5:15pm. Jenn picked me up and gave me a huge hug! She's so awesome. We went to her house and yes, I'm going to steal Squeeks or whatever his name is, lol. Nick Mac picked us up and we drove to Rich's house and picked him up. Once again, the windshield wipper broke. It only breaks when I'm in the car, haha. We drove to the St. James Dinner because Lindsay was having her lil' birthday shindig there. Jason and Tym were there! <3 I met Christina and she's super rad and has such beautiful eyes! It was a lot of fun. Our waitress was disgusting. Her name is Floppy. She was so drunk.. so so drunk. After the dinner, we went over to Lindsay's big ass beautiful house and watched a little bit of Requium For a Dream. Tym and Jason are hysterical. They're the reason why I need to learn to drive and get a car, hahaha! Prank phone calls are fun. Jason's skinny feet and and assless.. umm.. ass are funny, hehe. Gosh, I wish I lived closer.

    So Nick Mac, Jenn, and I leave and we drop Jenn off. We go to Nick's house and meet up with Sean, Kyle, Tim, Adam, Charlie, Evan, and a few other people. We watched The Dave Chapple Show which was fucking hilarious. We went to The Forum Dinner in Bayshore and then Kyle drove me home. Kyle is the easiter person to talk to. He's one of those people who I can say anything to and I don't have to hold anything back. He rocks like that.

    Umm.. I got in trouble.. AGAIN! I came home all sorts of late. Blah. Screw my parents seriously. They don't know what it's like to have friends that live soooooo far away. Curfews = RAH RAH RAH! Yea.. um, anyways..

    Tomorrow, it looks like I'm skipping school. I'm going to the David Gray concert @ Madison Square Garden. Fun fun fun. Goodbye all. :/

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2003-01-30 19:37 (link)
good job being in bay shore and not visiting me, you stupid jerk!!!!

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Where is THE ROXY???????
2003-02-06 14:55 (link)
Where the fuck are ya dude? I never see you on anymore and that makes me sad...(see above face) And I dont see you at shows anymore...more sadness. Seriously drop me a fucking line or something! You know the # I think...if not....then just write back to this crazy thing. Shoot bitch I miss your sorry ass.

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2003-03-06 20:35 (link)
At The Indie Show!

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