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fitty cent (_50xcent) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 21:00:00
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    Current mood:sad

    wow,havent updated since da day of da premiere.wassup yall?its almost VMA day!i'm countin down da days, hows everyone?I feel pretty sad fo everyone especially much drama is happenin to her.people are in hospitals and so much drama is goin on,it aint coo.i think me and tara are da only couple dat dont fight on here,seriously.its cause we love eachotha so much and neva fight.and im really scared we might get into a fight someday but it aight,its normal.but we love eachotha to death,yall have no die fo her,im dead serious.she and marq are mah 2 babies and angels and no one could eva take em away from me.and its just so fuckin sad to see everyone just be in hospitals,fightin,and otha shit.i hope yall settle yo probs out.

    anyways,taras been gone since august 21,da day we all went to da premiere.she had to go to many places afta her movie came out.damn,i fuckin miss her so and marq have no woman round da house to cook and shit.i know im rich and can easily orda fast food everyday but i wanna taste summa tara's good home-made food.i love it mo den any otha food.i really dunno what to do.i mean everytime she gone,marq cries,it makes me wanna cry too.i just hug him and tell him she'll be comin home soon and everythang's aight.since da 21st,she be comin home sometimes..but she dont stay fo long.she just comes to spend a little time wit me,den leaves.marq dont get to see her much cuz he sleeps but sometimes we wake him up and he just gets happy and jumps on her,its so cute.

    me and marq are gon' watch "feardotcom" now.i'ma go get da's startin.lata homies.

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2003-08-26 10:23 (link)
Fiddy, you shouldnt feel bad for me. I will be ok. Like everyone has been saying, I am strong and I will survive! I dont plan on giving up just yet!

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2003-08-29 16:15 (link)
yup you are jeia.and im proud of you fo dat.keep doin yo thang.

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