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fitty cent (_50xcent) wrote,
@ 2003-08-11 16:41:00
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    MAH WIFEYS BACK YALL!i'm so fuckin happy!last night i drove to da airport wit marq and went to wait fo her den she came outta da airplane and marq ran to her,jumped on her,and hugged her tight and so did i,hehe.marq was really happy cuz he missed her and everyday he be like "daddy,whens mommy comin home?" and i tell him "soon baby",hehe.glad shes back.i had like 7 bodyguards wit,dats a shitload of muthafuckin bodyguards dere.da car is so huge,kinda like a limo and can fit about 30 ppl.anyways,we helped tara out wit da suitcases in da car den drove home.i finished mah show so everythins aight.its all great but im really busy dese days tourin,workin on da g-unit album and otha shit.its kinda overwhelmin but i dont wanna let mah fans down.i love em but i love mah family mo,dey anyways,when i drove home mah bodyguards left and tara was really tired from her trip so i welcomed her in and had food ready fo her.we sorta had like a dinna partay.befo we went to da airport we've been preparin fo everythin like makin food and stuff.i cooked and marq helped me.hehe,he so cute,he made food by himself den tara tasted it and said he did a good job.she said she loved it ::smiles:: so yea,we did so many thangs round da mansion.we had maids to clean it and shit.i told marq help me,dis is a special dinna cuz mommy comin back today and he like "of course ill help".aww dat shows how much he loves tara <3 so we all went in da dinnin room to eat.we talked a little den when we were finished we went upstairs to and tara tucked marq in bed den went to our room.okay here comes da funny part.tara was in mah arms and we were makin out in bed so den dis roach crawled in da bed den we got scared so we jumped off den fell on da trampoline so it made us jump up an' down den we fell on da flo' on top of eachotha!den we were sleepin,well not me,but tara and she was sleepin in mah arms and i kept kissin her lips and she didnt know so she woke up and found me right in fronna her face doin dat shit den shes like "curtis you scared me!!" den im like "aww i did?!" den we both cracked up again.ahh it was so much week when i have free time ima take mah family to disneyland or prolly a cool ass amusement park!peace yall.

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2003-08-11 23:05 (link)
::cracks up den giggles:: you too!!

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