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fitty cent (_50xcent) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 11:47:00
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    Current mood:happy

    yallll whuddup?im so happy right now!i won about 3 awards at the 3rd annual BET awards,woo hoo!thanks fo everyone who voted fo me and supported me,i dunno what else to voice kinda sounded crummy on stage right?its like i took ova da whole award show cuz i was da first to perform.i performed 3 songs:21 questions,p.i.m.p,and what up gangsta.and i also helped missy elliot out wid a rap then she performed "work it".i came back from da awards like 1 hour and 40 mins. ago.i had soo much fun!eminem wasnt there but he was nominated but sadly he didnt win an award.oh well.he was in da category i was in and i won dat award.i won best new artist,best male artist,and best hip-hop male artist ::smiles:: and i did rock dat fuckin stage didnt i?i also loved snoop doggs performance.damn he got da best dancers on stage.he fuckin ruled dat stage.i loved it.anyways,after da awards i went back to da tourbus.i went straight from mah show to da awards.i was at dallas,tx today.da show was of mah fans were freakin out so i threw mah shirt at 'em. ::laughs:: one girl was cryin so i got her up on stage and she rapped wit me.hahaha.she was like omg i cant believe dis is happenin.its kinda funny how i make ppl cry and its also a regular just curtis jackson,hehe.

    well ima bounce now.holla back y'all!

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2003-08-01 12:57 (link)
BIOTCH! I shoulda won!! Nah man, dis playin, you deserved it! Congrats dawg!

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2003-08-01 14:25 (link)
haha.thanks man.but i was so nervous cuz im like i know ima lose and thought you gon win.

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2003-08-01 23:36 (link)
::kiss:: thank you, you.

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