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♥ Megan Lane ♥ (_0ne_five_) wrote,
@ 2003-10-24 23:28:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Christina Aguilera-Cant Hold us Down

    Well my day jst sucked ass.Frist off I got cut off the b-ball team after I wads told I wasnt gonna get cut off....I hate thet fuckin fagit Strouth...if Ioudls have known that I would not have came the last couple of days b/c I hurt mt knee and practie on it too..He said he wish he could of keeped me but it was 1 against 3 that wanted to keep me and he said he wanted to but i think it was they other was around....*Then I cried alot and so did Halie and everyone else ther b/c we started cryin too*But I think I should of made it b/c and Halie shoulld ahve to even if we didnt get to play as much we would still be on the team and my knee is like twice as big as the other one and I still had to come to practice*And I am so pissed off and alot of other people are too*

    We had a prep rally to dat and we won the spirt stike too* I was one of the cheerleaders too*Yea Brooke and me wor machin head bandanas but Malcom ook her and C.J. took mine.And when we finally got e'm back the were sweatey and mine was streached*haha*Everyone says me and him make a really cute couple and everyone know I like him to well everyone but him I think....And they know when he goes bye I look at him but I cant help it though and dont know why he is just so dag gone sweet sometimes and sometimes he is just so immature......really immature*But I still like him ...really really like him alot but dont knoe why*Well I guess I am gonna go for now and update in a while*{few dayz}

    Megan <3's ???

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2003-10-25 01:08 (link)
hey you told me to leave ya one so here ya are

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2003-10-25 01:38 (link)
hey whats up TC

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2003-10-25 01:43 (link)
Tanks for the comment*And that butt thing it really got my hopes down b/c that hurt me when he said that in a way a lil.****and its not funny*

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