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Mystro (93mystro11) wrote,
@ 2010-08-09 21:20:00
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    What's in a name?

    What’s in a name? an old Chinese proverb says "your true wealth is your reputation," and I would like to add to that "you can not pay your way with your character." I have seen so many people try to "buy with their way with their good looks" and many people who don't seem to get the point that “what is on your face is more than likely what is going on in your head.” Using this as a guideline for others, I try to smile and remember name and faces of people by how they act and their manners. The hand shake means you have social interacting skills and you are not afraid of putting a piece of you out there. The look in the eyes show a general interest and a connection that is recognized by the brain as trustworthy. Introducing yourself is the last thing you do before you make a bad impression.

    Many of my friends and family know me (and choose to call me by) Mystro, and those who know me somewhat well enough (or have no respect for my individualism) call me Manny, while my first name is Emmanuel, these personas are no more than a necessary transition from the person I thought I was and the Me I am today.

    There is a list of names I would call myself, answering the universal question, “who am I?” I would say first an artist and last a loving supporting father and member of a large family, a giver of life and a seeker of knowledge, a boy in a man’s body and a body of life floating in the cosmic waves of space. Then again I am just a city slicking-want-to-be country boy, tree hugging hippie born too late after the revolution. Or maybe an alcoholic deadbeat who has admitted to cheating and sinning. If this sounds like you, you should stop reading, or keep reading because we may have a lot in common that might teach you something that you thought did not exist.

    So what difference does the name make? If I go by what people called me when they were upset, I would refrain from using my name around young influential children. Or if I were to go by how different people have flocked to me like some kind of messiah, my name would probably be broken down into seventy-two different meanings like the early Hebrews did with the name of GOD before most of them were cast out or killed, and it would be so holy that the wrong person speaking my name would go into an demonic trance or convulsions. Needless to say another quote (and there will be more with every entry),

    “Everyone is a nobody, and nobody is perfect!” *R Brezsny.

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