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Dark Star (6dark6star6) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 17:43:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:AFI - Silver and cold

    Can't get any worse
    i have been depressed for the last month now and people dont really read this thing so they think im all happy and flowers and puppys. this depresion has gotin worse. I find my self crying when i lay down to sleep and I dont really notice it untill my pillow is soping wet. I think about suicide more and how easy it would be. I have figured out i am nothing and I wont acheve my dreams that i want in my life. I will become nothing in my life time. im dead skin........

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2004-01-06 21:29 (link)
Well, that really sucks.

But why kill yourself? Being dead is like worse then anything besides like, having terminal cancer where you KNOW your slowly dying and all that...

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2004-01-08 19:22 (link)
I'm not gona kill my self. I just feel I'm worthless and I dissapoint my self to the point where I think what it would be like. trust me I have the rest of the world to annoy and too many people would be happy if I did off my self. :-)
yea cancer sucks but I'm liveing with a person who uses it to sqweeze simpathy cause she can't take care of her self. so for in 1 year she has been raped 7 times, had breast cancer 4 and now has brain cancer wouldn't by now she have lost her hair or I dont know been to the doctor or died.????? sometimes people lie about shit like that and it aint right. this lady should get cancer and die. my point some people (like her) deserve it. Were all gona die someday. life is basicly decay. Just some people should go b4 others so mabe just mabe the world would be a better place.

Cassandra Rae'

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Re: Snoogens
2004-01-08 19:44 (link)
Thats the spirit! Don't let your enemies get enjoyment on you off-ing yourself!

So your saying this lady has been raped seven time? What a whore.


Yeah she shouldn't fake having cancer. Thats really fucking lame.

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Re: Snoogens
2004-01-09 20:07 (link)
yup im a bitch when need to be. :-) no I dont think she ever got raped or cancer or anything bad has happened to her. just some times I wish it would happen to her so she could learn from it. true! she is a whore.

Glue does have vitamens!!!!!,
Cassandra Rae'

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2004-01-08 23:19 (link)
ooh cassie my love.. i don't know what to say. i just wish there was something that i could do to cheer you up. i don't want you to feel like you need to kill your self. that's not the right thing to do cassie, and u know that..

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Re: ooh
2004-01-09 20:14 (link)
thanks jess make me feel more like crap. hehehe im not gona kill my self!!!!! I still gata give sherly manson (garbage), Trent Reznor, Tre' Cool, and telana atfeald (kittie) the time of there lifes............. *drulls*........... spankie spankie woo hoo im such a perv!!! hahahaha lock up ur children people. Cassie's on her way!!!!


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