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Shane (4theluvofmusic) wrote,
@ 2004-05-07 13:01:00
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    Current mood: grumpy
    Current music:incubus... anything incubus

    Heey, whatever it means to you...
    ...know that it'll come back around again

    incubus continues to astound me... mom and I might fly down to catch a california show of theirs this summer and possibly again in seattle if we can manage it... mom and I are BIG incu-fans... every time I hear them perform, I want to go jam on my guitar... "the warmth" is easily one of our favorites...

    I'd like to close my eyes, go numb...
    but there's a cold wind comming from
    from the top of the highest high-rise today..
    It's not a breeze cause it blows hard,
    yes and it wants be to discard
    in the humanity I now watch the warmth blow away...
    so don't let the world bring you down
    not everyone here is that fucked up and cold
    remember why you came and while your alive
    experience the warmth before you grow old...
    So do you think I should adhere
    to that pressing new frontier,
    or leave in my wake a trail of fear, no..
    or should I hold my head up high
    and throw a wrench-in-spokes by
    leaving the air behind me clear...

    so disney has decided to cancel the release of Micheal Moore's new movie nailing bush on his situation with the saudies. this is because the governor of florida (home of DISNEYWORLD) is [drumroll please...] a BUSH... and whoever owns disney wants to make sure he gets a nice thick slice of that tax-cut pie by not allowing some guy under the title of MIRAMAX (owned by disney) to [god forbid] badmouth any BUSHs....


    I seriously think that with the introduction of the EURO, the European Union will eventually surpass America as the world superpower... simply because we are sooooo fucking in debt that our grandchildren won't be able to stand up straight... we have all this money, and we don't know what to do with it... we are always putting it to waste... concerning ourselves with material junk and power, rather than what really counts... health, education, research... things that contribute to the well-being of society, and nature... instead of ignorantly concerning ourselves so manically with our social status (aka huge gas hog vehicles, flashy expensive electronic toys, etc...) how bout we invest our money on solving poverty, seeking out alternative modes of transportation, figuring out how life works, or somthing fun, like interstellar travel... when our financial influence finally falters below the EU.. all I'd have to say is "we had it commin..."

    sorry... just a bunch of liberal rambling... there are some things I REALLY despise about this country... I hope that the EU won't become as corrupt as we are now...

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2004-05-07 20:15 (link)

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And by fancy i mean.......*bursts into poeticism*
2004-05-07 20:33 (link)
I sense something in you
something thats in me too
an outlook on the place we reside
its wrong and forces us to hide
who we are and what we can do
you have to be ever shining and new
or this world will chew you up
then spit you out

This blue orb turns grey
and no matter what we say
this world continues to be destroyed
and each of us slips into that black void
they're all lying
insisting our world's not dying

Warring over oil
much like the days we fought over soil
new science and technology
everyone a master of psychology
one mans delusion
ruins the world illusion
children dying
politicians lying
an uneeded war
an unopened door

This blue orb turns grey
and no matter what we say
this world continues to be destroyed
and each of us slips into that black void
they're all lying
insisting our world's not dying

No one cares whats wrong
in our world of plastic and silicon
lies spread through TV
"it doesn't affect me"
we forget whats right
and that this world is worth the fight
we're convinced theres nothing wrong
in our world of plastic and silicon

This blue orb turns grey
and no matter what we say
this world continues to be destroyed
and each of us slips into that black void
they're all lying
insisting our world's not dying

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2004-05-10 03:39 (link)
yeah, i read about that thing with disney and that really ticked me off. Notice that Jeb Bush, the brother of the president, is govenor of Florida, the state that has thousands of Disney employees...literally, thousands. From what i remember after living down there, Disney is Floridas largest employer, i believe...

Ummm i've actually got a really long political rant in my journal. It deals with a lot of things. Namely how much i hate bush.

In Western Civ the other day we watched this video about how religion affects his in office decisions. Congress turned down funding for a religious program that helped people overcome addictions by use of religion (note: bush overcame drinking by turning to religion). After it was vetoed, Bush put the policy through the White house and his own executive Branch. Although Muslim and Jewish institutions have applied for government grants, only Christian institutes have been accepted. So far hes channeled at least $1.1 million to these groups.

Also worth noting is how far the FCC has gone since the boobage incident at the super bowl. a band called Fountains of Wayne had to change one of its videos because it showed a young girl mouthing the phrase "mexican wine." it was said to "encourage underage drinking." Anyone think we're losing our freedom of speech?

Did you know that Michael Axel scored over 450 points above Bush on an SAT? (btw: great job michael!!)

Wow i bet i could go on forever on how bad bush is for this world. Even though Kerry is a deadbeat too, lets hope that bush is evicted.

~your political buddy Aaron Two

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2004-05-10 03:43 (link)
one more

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