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Keith (420messiah) wrote,
@ 2004-08-30 23:11:00
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    in regards to the last entry
    Summer was pretty damn good, don't really feel like going into detail about it though. Drank and smoked alot though. Someone annonymously posted a comment on my last entry though, which I'm pretty sure I know who it was. So anyway. If you don't want to be a lost cause then make it out to be one. I've tried to meet you half way but you refuse to do that. I won't sit around forever and wait for you. If you would have just done something instead of always saying it maybe I would have changed my mind, but everytime I'm around you don't care and when I'm gone you say how much you miss me and I'm tired of it. You knew I liked you more than a friend so don't play that card, its already been used. Whatever happens is a result of what you do and what you say. I tried, now its your turn. I called you, I even went to your work to talk to you and all I get is a hi and thats it. I don't want to end what we had/have but your making it as though I should, so make up your mind and let me know what you have to say.

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2004-09-01 18:39 (link)
Its' so hard because your so far away. We had it all when you were still here with me...but then just like that you were gone, so I dont think things will ever be like they used to....and I've lived with that for years...i've moved on from what we used to have. I'm not saying I never want to have that again.....but right now In my life, where I'm at and where your just doesnt fit....I dont want to go through that pain of losing you again. You know that I will always and forever love you with all of my heart. It's been me and you for what..12 or 13 years?!? It's always going to be us no matter how u look at it, friends or more than friends. Thats how I see it...

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