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Keith (420messiah) wrote,
@ 2004-05-16 20:10:00
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    Current music:Helter Skelter

    Man. Friday me, evan and some girls from NS went out and it was pretty fun. More fun than I've had in ahwile. I started work Thursday. My life has just kinda halted now. Everytime I get up I always fall back down. Everytime I get down I usually come back up. Mostly because of my friend Shane. He is one of the greatest people I know. I pity the people who don't know him. Last night he helped me decide some tough things I needed to do. I've decided that I don't think I'm moving. atleast not yet. I was feeling pretty good about things, like my relationships with people. Or atleast the lack of it, but right then it wasn't bothering me. Today I went to the mall and to the local colors festival with Evan. Had a pretty good time this weekend. Then I don't think people quite realize that some things they say really hurts you. They might not realize that you care that much but you take it differently than they think you will. It just sucks. I just keep on falling and someone stops me then lets go again. The temporary highs in life aren't cutting it anymore. I want to send my car into a tree sometimes. Just to test my odds. How lucky am I? If I live through it then that means I'm pretty lucky and I could probably get her. If I die then that means I didn't have a chance so fuck it. Its a horrible way to think but what can ya do. People say and do crazy things for love. HA love what the fuck is that? I am not worthy of it nor will I ever get it.

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2004-06-06 22:27 (link)
hey keith!!

I know that you really like this girl.. but screw her dude.. shes not worth what ur going through.. Nobody is worth that.. Its her loss man.. not yours... Ive seen the way she acts... She is a huge tease... Its not fair for you, i know. but nobody is worth making you feel the way you do..

Your Friend


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