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Keith (420messiah) wrote,
@ 2004-05-05 10:31:00
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    Current music:Schism-Tool

    Man my computer sucks so I can't get on the internet most of the time. basically all last week I left early so I missed alot of school. It was because I had to go to the doctor for this job I'm getting.

    Friday I got my car back but it broke down at school. I'm taking it in Friday to get worked on. Friday night I hung out with Jesska and Lindsey and we went to Eddies for a little while. Jesska and Lindsey put makeup on me. It was kinda funny.

    Saturday Stump came over to my house and we worked on some shit for the show we played at the teen center.He went out to dinner with my family and the Gatzkes, it was funny as hell. After the show I went to Craigs house and me him and Patrick kinda jammed.

    Sunday I didn't do much but went over to Erics and hung out for like an hour.

    Monday was boring didn't do much of anything I'm now taking Eric to school and just taking Lindsey home.
    Tuesday I was at Lindseys until 5 and Rachel came over and we all kinda sat in my car most of the time. Came home and found out my sister got busted with herb at school. Damn was that dumb. So shes pretty much screwed for the rest of her teenage years.

    Today I get to leave early and go back to the doctor and hopefully start working soon. I wonder if we have band practice today? We are opening for Dying Fetus tomorrow so we need to get our shit together.

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