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divajen2003 (divajen2003) wrote in 1985ers,
@ 2004-11-06 20:39:00
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    Current music:"Bone Machine" - The Pixies

    hey, introduce yourself
    Okay, kids...I thought of something people can fill out when they join. Just copy and paste the form, and write in your own answers. It's short, and I've tried to be as interesting with the questions as possible.

    Top Five Movies of the '80s
    1. Real Genius
    2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    3. Back to the Future
    4. Heathers
    5. Big

    Five Things That Remind You Most Of The '80s
    1. Icees from K-Mart
    2. Honda CRXs
    3. The movie theme song from Beverly Hills Cop
    4. Big puffy neon-colored scrunchies
    5. Cassette tapes

    Top Five '80s Bands
    1. Echo and the Bunnymen
    2. Tears For Fears
    3. The Pixies
    4. U2
    5. The Smiths

    One overblown news story you remember hearing about:
    Without question, the fall of the Berlin Wall...but another one I think is think is worth mentioning is the Jessica McClure story - she was the baby who got trapped in a well in 1987. My mom wouldn't stop talking about it.

    Favorite Nickelodeon/Disney show:
    It's more a less a tie between Clarissa Explains It All and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (I hated the Disney channel...especially in those days that you had to pay extra for it because it didn't come with basic cable.)

    See? That wasn't so bad, was it? I think it'd be cool to see everyone else's answers. Come on, fill it out...kill five minutes.

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2004-11-07 17:27 (link)
Top Five Movies of the '80s
1. Real Genius
2. Indiana Jones (I can't pick just one)
3. The Princess Bride
4. Airplane
5. Back to the Future

Five Things That Remind You Most Of The '80s
1. Anything neon
2. "Whip it"
3. Sike!
4. Skip it
5. Side pony tails
(I have no idea how the last three i thought of all started with "s")

Top Five '80s Bands
1. U2
2. The Bangles
3. B-52's
4. Salt 'N Peppa
5. Fleetwood Mac

One overblown news story you remember hearing about:
Heh....bad memory + vacant-eyed child = no answer

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2004-11-07 22:34 (link) that an actual post, and we'll be in business.

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2004-11-07 23:06 (link)
oooh...ok. didn't realize it worked that way

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